Data Connectors

There's always a way to get your data into Klipfolio Dashboard.


Native support for XML, JSON, Excel, and CSV data formats.


Set up any data source to automatically update.

Web Accessible Resource Connector

Set up data source retrieval with RESTful or SOAP APIs using GET or POST methods.

Resource Authentication

Securely connect to data services using OAuth, 2-step, X-WSSE, or Basic HTTP authentication.

OAuth Providers

Dropbox, Google, UserVoice, Podio, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more.

Upload Files

Manually upload any Excel, XML, JSON, or CSV file from your computer or network.

SQL Database Query

MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Postgres databases; support for optional column headers, SSH tunnel.


Authenticate and select any file on your FTP or SFTP servers to use as a data source.


Use MDX queries to access data from XMLA enabled multidimensional databases.

Email Attachment

Attach an email and send it to the application; data formats are auto-detected and dealt with accordingly.

Google Analytics

Simple query builder for selecting dimensions, metrics, and date ranges; advanced query builder for hand coding requests from the Google Analytics API.

Google Drive

Select any spreadsheet from your Drive account and use the sheet selector to get the exact data you need.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Retrieve web analytics data from your Adobe SiteCatalyst account (formerly Omniture).


Retrieve page Insights, social metrics, and other demographic data from your Facebook account.


Use SOQL to retrieve any and all standard and custom objects and fields from your Salesforce account.


Retrieve social media analytics from your Radian6 account.


Securely retrieve any file from your Box account.


Easily retrieve any file from your Dropbox account.

We play well with others...

Check out this list of data services to see which data sources we integrate with.

[Insert your data source here]

If you're not sure if we connect to a data source, you can either send us a Tweet or drop us a line and we'll help get you set up.


Clean, effective visualizations that tell the story of your performance.


Arrange data in columns and rows; add mini-charts to columns; or, set up drill-down and drill-across.

Bar Charts

Create bar charts to present categories of values over time.

Line and Area Charts

Plot multiple points on a chart and shade areas to identify trends in the data.

Combination Charts

Use any combination of bars, lines, and areas to create a compelling chart.

Spark lines

Use simple charts such as spark lines, win/loss charts, and mini-bar charts to compare values over time.

Pie Charts

Create a pie chart to show how relate to the big picture.


Choose from the following regional maps: Global, Europe, APAC, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, and USA.

Scatter Plot

Plot data points on a chart to show the correlation between two categories of values.

HTML Template

Use custom HTML, CSS, and script to create fully customized visualizations.

User Input Control

Create drop down menus, date pickers, and text fields to allow users to filter and segment values on the dashboard.

Inline Frame

Display content from the web such as a webcam or website on the dashboard.


Display data using a news feed format (eg: RSS) that shows headlines, abstracts and source info.


Set up conditions and thresholds that will trigger a reaction such as alerting users with a display icon or changing the colour of values.

Combine multiple visualizations

Arrange multiple visualizations together like a table and a chart, or a map and gauge.


Cleverly designed dashboards for data-driven teams.

Clean design

Simple, effective visuals populate your dashboard, rather than crazy 3D effects and distracting graphics.


Light theme for viewing dashboards on your desktop or mobile devices; dark theme for high-contrast environments and LCD displays.


Use your company's logo throughout the application, including on the dashboard and in printed reports.


Klipfolio partners can fully customize the dashboard, from the sign-in page to CSS.

Custom Layout

Arrange tabs and Klips on your dashboard using over a dozen layouts.


Attach notes and comment threads to any Klip using an annotation.

Browser Display

Display the dashboard in any web-browser including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more.

Full-screen mode for TVs

Use full-screen mode for LCD displays and your dashboard will automatically cycle through all available tabs.

Smartphone Access

Use any mobile device to access a responsive version of your dashboard with support for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows devices.

Tablet Support

Use your favourite tablet to access the full version of the application.


DIY has never been more powerful.


Create and design visualizations using an intuitive and powerful workspace.

Bring your own visualization

Select from a variety of a visual templates like tables or charts to start building a Klip.

Adjust Style and Appearance

Dozens of customization options allow you to design visualizations that appear exactly as you want.

Assign Data

Work with any data format - xml, json, Excel, and csv - to assign it to a compelling visualization.

Save as, Save a copy

Save a copy of your work to come back to later or create a duplicate version to safely tinker with.

Revision History

Automatic backups ensure your work is saved in event of a catastrophe or mistake.


Use variables to display certain data sets under certain conditions, or pass user properties based on the currently signed-in user.

Source Code

Go under the hood and tinker to your heart's content to create deeply customized visualizations.


Point, click, transform.

Spreadsheet and CSV data selection

Select single cells (A1), an entire column of values (A:A) or an entire row of values (1:1) to include in your Klip.

XML/JSON data selection

The XPath selection tool lets you specify the exact value(s) to include in your Klip; advanced users can hand-edit using XPAth.

Formula Creation

Use values taken directly from your data to create formulas – you can even combine different data formats together to create a formula.

Basic Math Operations

Perform common calculations using operators such as + - = * / <> .


Set up complex mathematical equations by wrapping values in parentheses.

Formula Evaluator

Test an entire formula or a subset of values to ensure calculations are working as intended.

Insert Literal Values

Use the free text option when you have a value you want to manually insert into a formula.

Reference other values

Quickly refer to values and equations used in other components.

Insert variables

Inject variables into formulas to help users navigate the data using drop down menus, date pickers and text fields.

Insert functions

Use our extensive list of functions to quickly perform anything from simple math to complex logic.

Undo/Redo controls

If you make a mistake when building a formula, use the undo (or redo) buttons to fix the error.

Date recognition

Automatic date recognition makes it easy to properly format date strings.


From the simplest math to mind-blowing calculations.

Formulas and Functions

Use any formula building block with any function to transform your raw data.

Function Library

Choose from our function library, which includes 89 useful functions today.

Data manipulation functions

18 functions including ARRAY, SLICE, and GROUP
Rearrange the order of values, combine disparate values, specify precisely what data to use, and create arrays or comma separated lists.

Math functions

16 functions including AVERAGE, SUM, and COUNT
Find averages, sums, max/min/median values, or count values that meet a certain criteria.

Logic functions

7 functions including IF, SWITCH, and BETWEEN
Use logical statements to test and evaluate any set of values by establishing conditions and results.

Text functions

15 functions including CAPITALIZE, SUBSTITUTE, and URLENCODE
Manipulate values and text to appear exactly as you want in your visualization by capitalizing all values, joining values together or safely URL encoding values.

Date and time functions

15 functions including COUNT_DAYS, DATERANGE, and DATEVALUE
Consistently format date and time strings whether you're using epoch time or a non-standard format.

Statistics functions

18 functions including MA_SIMPLE (Moving Average), RANK, STDEV, and VARIANCE
For advanced data analysis, you can turn to our library of statistics functions.

Users and Groups

Rapidly deploy dashboards to your team with our group management model.

Group-based access model

Users gain access to assets through their membership to a particular group(s). This allows you to share dashboards with a few simple clicks.

Add users as you need them

Our pay-per-user pricing model means you only pay for what you use; expand your deployment at your own pace.


Assign users roles based on how your users will use the dashboard. Assign permissions such as "view-only," "editor," "administrator" or create a custom role.

Share at your discretion

Users only see what you want them to see, and you can decide if they have the ability to edit assets that have been shared with them.

Lock it down

Administrators have the ability to lock down access to key assets and even regulate access to the dashboard.


The right data to inspire your data-driven team.

Unlimited dashboards

Create any number of dashboards for your team at no additional cost.

Collaborate and create

Set up access rights and collaborate with your colleagues to create compelling visualizations and dashboards.

Email reports

Easily send out email reports from the dashboard to any colleague, even if they're not a Klipfolio user.

Scheduled emails

Send out automated, scheduled email reports to any authenticated user.

Download tabs as a PDF or Image

Download a tab and all of its Klips as a PDF or image to use in a report or presentation.

Download Klips as a PDF or Image

Download a Klip as a PDF or image to use in a report or presentation.

Download Klips as raw data

You can also download a Klip as a CSV / Excel data.


Client management for partners and agencies.

Client management panel

View and manage all your clients from one convenient workspace.

Import assets

Mass import assets like tabs, Klips and data sources from one account to another.

Sign in and manage client accounts

Act as an administrator in your client account to quickly resolve issues or set up their dashboard.

Disable and lock down client accounts

If the need arises, you can disable and lock down access to client accounts.

Custom branding

Replace all mentions of Klipfolio to present your clients with a seamlessly branded dashboard experience.

White-label options

Advanced branding options include: custom sign-in page, custom CSS, and domain aliasing.

Other perks

Partners also benefit from additional support, sales, and marketing resources.

Learn more

To learn more about becoming a partner, please visit:


A security model you can trust.

Hosted on Rackspace

With SSAE 16 / ISAE 3402 compliance, Rackspace meets or exceeds the security requirements of the Fortune 1000. Learn more

Transmissions and session management

All access to the service is via SSL, and inactive sessions are terminated. Passwords are not stored in sessions.

Application security

Best-practice authentication processes, data encryption, access controls, and rights management features ensure information is only seen and used by the right users.

Access logs

Event logs are captured for all user actions, and easily audited and filtered by application administrators.


Production application data is backed up on a daily basis, as well as in a slave database for rapid recovery.

Vulnerability testing

Code is tested for security vulnerabilities ahead of any release, and regular network security scans are performed.

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