Google Adwords Cost-per-Click

Klip Template | Google AdWords - Cost-per-Click

Metric Overview:

Compare your cost-per-click to typed-in targets, or delete targets to compare to the previous period.


Google Ads Dashboard

About this Klip

Keep a close eye on your cost-per-click with this metric. Measuring your CPC against your target, or against your previous period’s cost, helps you make sure that your cost will not get out of hand and send your Google AdWords cost through the roof.

About the visualization

Measuring your cost-per-click with a target helps you keep your spending in check and gives you a comparison point as to how well you are staying within planned advertising budget.

For reference, the average CPC is approximately $1 to $2.

About Google Ads

Google is the number one search engine, serving up the best content for their users in a matter of seconds. With Google AdWords, you can develop, target, monitor, compare, and analyze custom ads that drive users to your site.

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