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Become Klipfolio Certified

Become a Klipfolio Certified Expert or Klipfolio Certified Partner and demonstrate that you have the highest level of knowledge around planning, deploying, and managing Klipfolio dashboards and reports.

Becoming Klipfolio Certified will validate your dashboard building and reporting expertise, identify gaps in your Klipfolio knowledge, and help you stand out amongst Klipfolio Partners. Advertise your superior dashboard building skills on your resume, website or LinkedIn page.

Klipfolio Certified Expert

Whether you’re a dashboard builder, or one of the many users in your Klipfolio account, you can become a Klipfolio Certified Expert to affirm and show off your expertise.

Once you become certified, we'll send you your certificate and a certification badge that you can display on your website, LinkedIn, fridge or wherever!

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Klipfolio Certified Partner

Becoming a Klipfolio Certified Partner means taking your Partner status to the next level.

Upon passing the exam, your company will be added to the Certified Partners section of the Partner Directory exposing your business to our thousands of Klipfolio clients and web visitors.

You will also be given a Klipfolio Certified Partner badge to feature on LinkedIn and your website; an added bonus to showcase that you are steps ahead of your competitors.

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Join our trusted network of certified data-driven leaders

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What to Expect?

The Klipfolio Certification exam is made up of various questions designed to test your understanding of Klipfolio functionalities. Be prepared to answer questions on topics such as visualizations, dashboard sharing, and data connectors. You are required to achieve a grade of 80% to successfully become a Klipfolio Certified Expert or Partner.

Before taking the exam, we recommend going through our Klipfolio Courses, Recorded Workshops, or Knowledge Base Articles.

To maintain your status you will need to have at least one Klipfolio Certified Expert at your company.

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"The biggest things for us is the endless REST API connections and the white label functionality. Honorable mention goes to the amazing support team who are super responsive and knowledgeable!"

Alastair Barlow, Co-Founder, flinder