Klipfolio Certification

Show off your dashboard skills and get recognized for your expertise with Klipfolio Certification.

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Become Klipfolio Certified

Become a Klipfolio Certified Expert or Klipfolio Certified Partner and demonstrate that you have the highest level of knowledge around planning, deploying, and managing Klipfolio dashboards. Becoming Klipfolio Certified will validate your dashboard building expertise, identify gaps in your Klipfolio knowledge, and help you stand out amongst Klipfolio Partners. Advertise your superior dashboard building skills on your resume, website or LinkedIn page.

Klipfolio Certified Expert

Whether you’re a Klipfolio Partner, solo dashboard builder, or one of many users within your company, you can become a Klipfolio Certified Expert to highlight your dashboard expertise. The Klipfolio Certification exam is made up of 60 questions that test your understanding of various topics like functions, visualizations, sharing, connecting to services, and more. To become a Klipfolio Certified Expert, you need to achieve a grade of 80% on the exam. Once you become certified, we'll send you your certificate, the certification badge you can show off on LinkedIn, and some cool items made especially for Klipfolio Certified Experts!

"I can definitely say that investing the time to become a Klipfolio Certified Expert allowed me to quickly market myself to prospective clients as a credible expert in a marketplace where promising a a client you know what you are doing can only get you so far. I attribute a significant amount of the new business growth I experienced in the months that followed to my Klipfolio certification."
Anthony Pena, Data Analyst, Pena Business Data Reporting

Klipfolio Certified Partner

Becoming a Klipfolio Certified Partner gets you even more with your Partner Account. You'll be added to the Certified Partners section of the Partner Directory and given an additional Klipfolio Certified Partner badge for LinkedIn and your website that helps differentiate you from your competitors. The exam includes similar questions to the expert designation but with a focus on partner features. To maintain your status as a Klipfolio Certified Partner you will need to have at least one Klipfolio Certified Expert at your company.

Partner Program - Partner Directory

"Being certified as a partner has the benefit of getting extra attention in the Partner directory. Also, it helps us to get new clients on board as it is a proof of our expertise with Klipfolio from multiple angles (product, technology, understanding of the possibilities)."
Erik van Dorp, Owner and CEO, Cervino Marketing

What to Expect?

Interested in becoming Klipfolio Certified? Before you take the exam, we recommend going through our Klipfolio Courses, Recorded Workshops, or Knowledge Base Articles. The exam will consist of questions in the following categories:

  • Data Visualizations
  • Klip Editor
  • Functions
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Sharing
  • Account Set Up

"My trust for Klipfolio started on day one when I was researching which dashboard solution to invest in. Allan Wille, CEO, was the person who introduced me to the system then trained me on how to use it. Klipfolio has grown leaps and bounds since then, and the software is more sophisticated and flexible but I still receive exceptional support when I need it."

Lisa Wester, Email Marketing Strategist & Chief Engagement Officer, RootedElm