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Know where you stand and how close you are to achieving your goals. At the airport, in an Uber, at the office or in front of a TV wallboard, it’s designed for decision makers, no data skills required.

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Stay on top of your results. Know how your business is performing by looking at your data trends and insights. Compare this month to last month or the same period last year with a single click - the choice is yours.

Elevate your team

Imagine what you could achieve if everyone was on the same page! Engage your whole team with friendly competition around their targets, share insights and fuel data-driven discussions. You'll be on your way to building a performance-driven culture in no time.

From data to insight in less than 2 minutes

Our Metrics Hub provides you instant access to your data for a wide range of popular metrics. We’ve done the set up, all you have to do is choose your data. And that’s it, you'll have Metric Klips that are fun and interactive to work with. This is the one-stop shop to kickstart your data-driven journey.

Build and customize when you’re ready

There are a ton of customization opportunities in Klipfolio. Pull multiple data sources together in one-go, create standout visualizations and reports, and integrate data from anywhere.

Learn how to do it yourself or let us build it for you. No matter what, we’re always happy to help.

Klipfolio is where your team can bring meaning to data

Track progress, make informed and timely decisions and achieve your goals.

Know the score, no matter where you are. With answers to your most important questions, you’ll be able to use data to prove your results and get everyone on the same page.

Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Customers
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The importance of business metric monitoring

Data is cheap these days.

It used to be that getting reliable, up-to-date numbers was an arduous process. Nowadays, a wealth of metrics are only a few clicks away.

Because the barrier to access is so low, many companies have now gone overboard with reporting, to the point where nearly everything that can be measured, is.

What’s lost, though, is the focus on the data that really matters.

That’s where metrics can make a world of difference.

What are key performance indicators?

What is a KPI? Klipfolio defines a KPI as follows:

A KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively an organization is achieving key business objectives.

That small definition has a lot to unpack! What’s worth noting, for our purposes here, is that a KPI is a metric. But it’s not just any old metric. It’s a measurement of what is fundamental to the success of your business, department or organization.

Sounds like semantics, right?


Businesses need to resist the urge to track as many metrics as they have access to. It means that a lot of unnecessary numbers get thrown into the mix, creating confusion about what your organization is trying to achieve.

KPIs cut out all that noise and force you to focus on the metrics that really measure the success or failure of your business.

Why you should regularly report on metrics

Metrics are great. But you can’t just set and forget them. You need to be constantly reporting on them so you can understand where you’re succeeding, where you’re not and how well your business is performing overall.

Reporting on metrics:

  • Communicates to the rest of the team how well you are performing: Those who regularly review their organizational metrics can sometimes overlook an often-forgotten fact: The rest of their team might not be as aware of how they are performing. Regularly reporting on metrics lets your team know the areas that need improvement, which can in turn allow them to focus their energy on what will have the most impact.
  • Increases accountability in your organization: Your metrics can quickly get away from you if no one is checking in on how they are performing. The knowledge that you’re going to need to report on your performance is a great motivator for teams to do everything they can to make good on their goals.
  • Allows you to modify and edit your metrics: Metrics need constant revision. Some goals you will quickly find to be too aspirational and will need to be revised downward in the future. Others will have been too easy to achieve and will need to be revised upward. At other times you may find that the metrics you have chosen as metrics simply don’t align with your strategic goals. In that case you’ll want to switch them out for ones that do.

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"We love the visuals that Klipfolio adds to our data! Our marketing team is full of visual learners, and it makes it so much easier to digest the data we get from our consumer emails."

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