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Aydin Mirzaee Co-founder, Fellow
Episode 4

Aydin Mirzaee: The art of productive meetings

Have you ever attended a meeting and thought: “This could have been an email”?

In today’s episode, Allan and Lauren talk to Aydin Mirzaee, co-founder and CEO of, a meeting productivity and team management tool. Fellow isn’t Aydin’s first business venture. His experience includes a snow shoveling business, a web development company, and a survey company that was acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2014.

Aydin shares the lessons he’s learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey and how he’s built Fellow to be the place where teams gather to have productive meetings, meaningful 1:1s, record decisions, and keep each other accountable. If you're a founder seeking capital or you’re leading a team, you won’t want to miss the wisdom (and metrics) that Aydin shares.

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