March 14, 2018

Klipfolio featured in on how teams have more data power than ever before

Klipfolio has been featured on to discuss how teams in SMBs are using data in ways that used to be reserved for business analysts.’s mission is to inform and educate about the world of web hosting.

Like business intelligence and analytics, web hosting has undergone a radical transformation. Once controlled exclusively by IT and technical experts, web hosting is a decision made by small business owners, boutique bloggers, and marketing teams.

"Even though data and analytics are increasingly playing a much larger role in business decisions, customer relationships, and overall performance, not everyone knows how to access and display the relevant information. Just like web hosting providers, companies like Klipfolio are appealing to wide ranges of users by blending rich technology with supremely user-friendly interfaces. The added awareness goes a long way in measuring performance and driving well-informed decisions." — Laura Bernheim, Managing Editor of interviewed Jonathan Taylor about the state of dashboarding and data. The trend towards data awareness is telling: “The awareness of the power of data is the big trend for folks who traditionally would not have had access to it,” he said. “Our products are very much geared toward the individuals within a team who are spearheading these kinds of innovations.”

"For many small businesses, getting started with analytics can be daunting, but Klipfolio provides a dashboard designed — and priced — for anyone with the will to do it," Jennifer Young wrote in the article. "As businesses become more keenly aware of the value of analytics, Klipfolio is proving metrics dashboards are not something only executives can use to make high-level decisions."

Jonathan was quiet on the product roadmap at Klipfolio but praised the cross-functional culture for priming the company for future innovation:

“We have a large R&D team, and it’s segmented into four or five different groups focused around different aspects of the product experience,” Jonathan said. “We’ll have one cluster of developers, and attached to that group we’ll have a product manager, someone from our customer success and support team, someone from the marketing team, as well as someone from the UX team. There’s a very cross-functional approach to everything that we do. Not a feature rolls out where we don’t have input from every department.”


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