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Published 2024-05-21, updated 2024-05-22

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Summary - Eyeful, a data analytics consulting agency, relies on PowerMetrics to deliver quick, effective data solutions. Specializing in data visualization and analytics, they offer services ranging from data integration to custom dashboard design, with a focus on improving accessibility for non-technical users. PowerMetrics is quick to implement and user-friendly, reducing integration time and supporting independent, data-driven decision-making. Eyeful is committed to empowering clients and fostering their skills for sustained success.


In this partner case study, Therese Moriarty, founder and principal of Eyeful, describes PowerMetrics as a fast, efficient data solution that helps clients achieve long-term success. Eyeful is a data analytics consulting company that’s dedicated to making analytics accessible to everyone. With that goal in mind, they use tools, like PowerMetrics, to simplify data analysis and promote user independence. Eyeful focuses on implementation, training, and support, ensuring their clients not only get immediate value from their services but also grow in their ability to maintain and analyze data independently. 

About Eyeful

Eyeful is a full-service data analytics consulting agency that turns complex data into actionable insights. We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions ranging from data engineering to visualization. Eyeful works with a wide variety of clients, from sectors like e-commerce, marketing, and fintech, helping them integrate data sources, set up tracking systems, and automate their reporting to improve decision-making speed and accuracy. Our approach is collaborative; we tailor our services to fit the specific needs of each client’s audience, budget, and schedules.

Our services

We transform business information into actionable insights by extracting raw data from various platforms, including commonly-used apps, like GA4, and niche ones, like hotel booking apps. Our services range from implementing backend systems to designing attractive, on-brand custom dashboards. We not only educate clients on standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we also coach them to develop their metrics and benchmarks. Our team delivers a personalized experience, beginning with a detailed initial consultation, integration tests, and, in some cases, a proof-of-concept dashboard. 

Eyeful Example Dashboard

I’ve worked in various analytical roles and understand the challenges faced by both large and small companies. Empowering better decisions for everyone, at every level in an organization requires reliable data. Perhaps more importantly, that data needs to be accessible to all, regardless of their technical prowess. Unfortunately, many users struggle to interpret and process data using traditional BI software. Our commitment? To make our clients self-sufficient. That’s why we include a level of training in all of our plans. But, we don’t only "teach them to fish," we give them a few fish along the way. We also provide ongoing support for clients who may need help in the long term.

Working with PowerMetrics

Since becoming a Klipfolio partner in 2019, we’ve been deploying PowerMetrics as a core BI solution to entire organizations or as a complementary analytics solution for non-technical roles within organizations. PowerMetrics provides many of the sophisticated features included in enterprise BI products, without the steep learning curve. The approachability and ease of use in PowerMetrics enables users to hit the ground running, an important benefit for many of our customers who are looking for a fast deployment. With PowerMetrics, our clients can quickly create charts and answer key business questions with minimal training, fostering a more efficient approach to data-driven decision making.

Fast time-to-value for partner and client

From a partner’s perspective, PowerMetrics' user-friendly design significantly reduces implementation time, enabling Eyeful to deliver effective solutions quickly and efficiently. Clients appreciate how accessible PowerMetrics is to everyone in their organization, including non-data specialists, like marketers and sales reps. It’s a refreshing alternative to other enterprise BI products that often require a deep understanding of databases. This ease of use eliminates bottlenecks typically caused by overextended data teams and empowers business users to analyze data and generate insights independently. All of this makes for happy, long-term client relationships.

Data modelling – A key feature for Eyeful

The data modeller is one of our favourite PowerMetrics features. The modeller automates custom rules and transformations using intuitive formulas similar to those used in spreadsheet programs. This familiar design makes it easier for our team to adopt and leverage PowerMetrics for their data analytics needs, enhancing their ability to deliver precise, customized client solutions.

Essential features for client success

What do our clients love most about PowerMetrics? The ease of connecting to data sources and straightforward data modelling are high on the list. They also appreciate the WYSIWYG dashboard builder that enables any user to create beautiful, informative charts – no coding required! The ability to calculate metrics directly within PowerMetrics is highly valued as well as it simplifies the creation of KPIs that require sums, averages, and ratios.

Long-term client success

The accessible design of PowerMetrics brings multiple, diverse benefits to Eyeful and our clients. PowerMetrics speeds up our time-to-value, enabling us to work more cost-effectively. Our clients love that it’s a solution everyone can enjoy working with, even those with non-technical roles. And, they get this ease of use without compromising data integrity and governance. While it may not replace traditional BI software for analysts and other data experts, PowerMetrics addresses the needs of the majority of data-driven roles in marketing, sales, success, and leadership teams. At Eyeful, we see it as an extension of the analytics stack that helps us and our clients grow faster. 

Level up data-driven decision making

Make metric analysis easy for everyone.

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Klipfolio’s analytics products

Klipfolio offers two cloud-based data analytics platforms:

  • PowerMetrics is a complementary analytics solution that gives business users self-serve data access for independent, confident decision making. Centralized, certified metrics, governed by the data team, ensure data is accurate and aligned across all dashboards and reports.
  • Klips is a traditional dashboarding BI solution that allows users to create and share real-time pixel-perfect data visualizations in dashboards and reports. You can use Klips to bring visualizations to your own internal teams and also to clients.

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Level up data-driven decision makingMake metric analysis easy for everyone.Get PowerMetrics Free