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The Magic of Mashing Plan Data Blog BannerThe Magic of Mashing Plan Data Blog Banner

The magic of mashing plan data with actual results in your near realtime Klipfolio dashboard

By Rupert Bonham-CarterDecember 18, 2017


Klipfolio helps Ascentis manage team performance using hard facts

By Mitch DupuisAugust 20, 2019

Most Important Formula in KlipfolioMost Important Formula in Klipfolio

The Most Important Formula in Klipfolio

By Zach Kathnelson, Partner ManagerSeptember 25, 2015

Build Better Sales Reports with HubspotBuild Better Sales Reports with Hubspot

Build Better Sales Reports by Collecting the Right Data with HubSpot

By Andrea MoxhamAugust 16, 2021

I Form BuilderI Form Builder

Build Stunning Analytics Dashboards Using iFormbuilder

By Nikta KanukaSeptember 3, 2015

Building A Hubspot Dashboard with Klipfolio BannerBuilding A Hubspot Dashboard with Klipfolio Banner

Building custom HubSpot reports and dashboards with Klipfolio

By Seth EppsOctober 16, 2017

Building Dashboards with Zapier Klipfolio BannerBuilding Dashboards with Zapier Klipfolio Banner

A guide to building dashboards with Zapier and Klipfolio

By Stephen YatesMarch 3, 2016

5 Thing You Can Do in Klipfolio5 Thing You Can Do in Klipfolio

5 things you’ve always wanted to do in Klipfolio but didn’t know you could

By Trish MermuysJuly 27, 2016

Bullet ChartsBullet Charts

Ready, aim, fire! How a simple bullet chart can help you hit your targets

By Jonathan TaylorApril 10, 2012

New Office New Interactive Floor Plan in Our Dashboard Blog Floor Plan Blog BannerNew Office New Interactive Floor Plan in Our Dashboard Blog Floor Plan Blog Banner

New Office, new interactive floor plan in our dashboard

By Garrod HouwelingMarch 26, 2018

Business Dashboard MetricsBusiness Dashboard Metrics

When it comes to business dashboards, let the metrics drive

By Tyler CooperAugust 24, 2017

Get Your Office Moving with Fitness DashboardGet Your Office Moving with Fitness Dashboard

Get your office moving with a fitness dashboard

By Jonathan TaylorMay 16, 2016

Calm Technology Business DashboardsCalm Technology Business Dashboards

On calm technology and business dashboards

By Cameron ConawayJuly 29, 2017

Mec KlipfolioMec Klipfolio

Case Study - MEC Global

By Jonathan TaylorFebruary 7, 2011


Performance dashboards keep Brickshare on track towards meeting their business objectives

By Mitch DupuisJanuary 24, 2019

Pictograph Data VisualizationPictograph Data Visualization

Using the new pictograph data visualization on your dashboard

By Jonathan TaylorFebruary 26, 2015

Cervino Pauw Klipfolio Reporting BannerCervino Pauw Klipfolio Reporting Banner

Pauw Agency brings transparency to the music industry with Cervinodata

By Erik van DorpSeptember 29, 2020


Cervinodata’s 5-year partnership with Klipfolio leads to 1200% growth

By Mitch DupuisAugust 26, 2019

Charts FeaturesCharts Features

Component overview - 5 features to make your charts stand out

By Jonathan TaylorNovember 27, 2012


Dashboards are the backbone of success for chat support providers

By Mitch DupuisMarch 13, 2019


The Realty Medics improve project management with Podio and Klipfolio

By Mitch DupuisMarch 26, 2019

Content Marketing AgencyContent Marketing Agency

On inbound and dashboards: How content marketing agencies select irrelevancy

By Cameron ConawayJuly 22, 2017


Real-time dashboards are making work life easier for an Office Manager at Resolute Recruiting

By Mitch DupuisFebruary 20, 2019

Codid Dashboard HeadCodid Dashboard Head

COVID-19: A dashboard for exploring historical data about the virus

By David MennieMarch 23, 2020

Banner Create SQL DashboardBanner Create SQL Dashboard

How to create a SQL dashboard that pulls in data from your database

By Chris WolskiFebruary 12, 2019

6 Reasons for Customer Retention Dashboard6 Reasons for Customer Retention Dashboard

6 reasons every SaaS startup needs a customer retention dashboard

By Trish MermuysApril 5, 2016

Customer Spotlight BakermenCustomer Spotlight Bakermen

Customer Spotlight: See how bakerMEN use Klipfolio to create 100 reports in less than two days

By Valerie HamiltonDecember 12, 2017

Customer Spotlight ElectroluxCustomer Spotlight Electrolux

Electrolux works with Klipfolio to track sales metrics and KPIs for their European offices

By Mitch DupuisMarch 6, 2018

Customer Spotlight Jobber BannerCustomer Spotlight Jobber Banner

Customer Spotlight: How Canadian powerhouse Jobber uses dashboards

By Jonathan MilneOctober 4, 2017

G GbannerG Gbanner

Turn sales into an exciting adventure with leaderboards

By Aleksandra VetrovaJanuary 23, 2019

Customer Spotlight Spoonity BannerCustomer Spotlight Spoonity Banner

Customer Spotlight: See how Spoonity helps quick service restaurants with customer loyalty

By Jonathan MilneNovember 2, 2017

Building Killer Salesforce DashboardBuilding Killer Salesforce Dashboard

Building Your Salesforce Dashboard - An Ultimate Guide

By Katya ZeisigAugust 15, 2018

Customer Spotlight TeldioCustomer Spotlight Teldio

Dashboards become the centerpiece of Teldio's management and operations

By Valerie HamiltonMarch 21, 2018

Dashboard Display Banner 1Dashboard Display Banner 1

How to get the most out of your data with the right dashboard display

By Jonathan TaylorAugust 23, 2016


The MagneticOne Group saves hundreds of hours per year by switching dashboard providers

By Mitch DupuisFebruary 19, 2019

Dashboard Journalism Blog BannerDashboard Journalism Blog Banner

Dashboard journalism: A beginner’s guide

By Mark BrownleeApril 4, 2018

Blog Agile DevBlog Agile Dev

How do dashboards help agile software development teams?

By Ali PourshahidJuly 5, 2016


UpHabit tracks marketing and product metrics with Klipfolio dashboards

By Mitch DupuisJanuary 2, 2020

Data Driven Mentality Blog BannerData Driven Mentality Blog Banner

What does it mean to have a data-driven mentality?

By Brett KnowlesNovember 1, 2018

Multiple Data SourcesMultiple Data Sources

Meet your data mashups - 3 examples for your dashboard

By Jonathan TaylorOctober 15, 2013

Data Storyteller Blog BannerData Storyteller Blog Banner

Why you need to become a data storyteller

By Mark BrownleeJanuary 24, 2019

3 Reasons for An Accounting Dashboard3 Reasons for An Accounting Dashboard

3 reasons why an accounting dashboard is an essential addition for any small business

By Stacey ShroutFebruary 16, 2016

Design The Right DashboardDesign The Right Dashboard

Designing the Right Dashboard

By Dimitris VogiatzisSeptember 13, 2018

Smile LogoSmile Logo

How Smile.io uses Klipfolio dashboards to stay focused during growth

By Jonathan MilneAugust 15, 2017

Dashboard Social ImpactDashboard Social Impact

Business dashboards for social impact

By Jonathan MilneJuly 9, 2017


Logicalis speeds up data analysis efforts by 80% with Klipfolio

By Mitch DupuisOctober 24, 2019

Digital Advertising DashboardDigital Advertising Dashboard

Digital advertising dashboards in the age of digital ad blocking

By Cameron ConawayJune 26, 2017

Digital Agency DashboardDigital Agency Dashboard

5 common dashboards among over 800 digital agencies

By Jonathan MilneJuly 21, 2017


Dynamic start-up decides to spice things up with new KPI dashboards

By Mitch DupuisApril 23, 2019

Starter Guide to BiStarter Guide to Bi

The Starter Guide to Business Intelligence

By Emily HaywardMay 26, 2021

Starter Guide to Dashboard DesignStarter Guide to Dashboard Design

The Starter Guide to Dashboard Design

By Emily HaywardJune 17, 2021

Starter Guide to DashboardsStarter Guide to Dashboards

The Starter Guide to Dashboards

By Emily HaywardJune 9, 2021

Displaying Poll Results ChartDisplaying Poll Results Chart

Displaying poll results using a pie chart

By Jonathan TaylorMay 9, 2013

Excel Financial Dashboard BannerExcel Financial Dashboard Banner

Providing a Meaningful Financial Dashboard Outside of Excel

By Stacey ShroutJanuary 13, 2016

Table Component OverviewTable Component Overview

Component overview - Turning the tables on data visibility

By Jonathan TaylorSeptember 13, 2012

The Real Time Strategy Dashboard Blog BannerThe Real Time Strategy Dashboard Blog Banner

The Real Time Strategy Dashboard

By Brett KnowlesSeptember 6, 2018


19E fulfills dashboard reporting requirements with Klipfolio

By Mitch DupuisNovember 26, 2019

Okr Dashboard BlogOkr Dashboard Blog

The Fundamental Klipfolio OKR Dashboard

By Brett KnowlesSeptember 26, 2018

Gauges EverywhereGauges Everywhere

Full-throttle ahead - Best practices for the Gauge KPI visualization

By Jonathan TaylorJune 22, 2012

Salesforce Soql QuerySalesforce Soql Query

Getting started with SOQL

By Jonathan TaylorJuly 6, 2012

Excel Alternative Blog BannerExcel Alternative Blog Banner

The Top 10 Alternatives to Excel Spreadsheets

By Marisha SestoFebruary 26, 2019


PayTabs embraces a data-driven strategy with KPI dashboards

By Mitch DupuisMay 21, 2019


How I turned our company’s accounts receivable data into a dashboard that’s improving our business performance

By Mitch DupuisOctober 17, 2017

How Data Visualization Prevents Cyber AttacksHow Data Visualization Prevents Cyber Attacks

How Data Visualization Helps Prevent Cyber Attacks

By Matt ShealyMay 5, 2021

Blog UpcontentBlog Upcontent

Using UpContent to enhance your content marketing dashboard

By Nikta KanukaAugust 16, 2016

Increasing User EngagementIncreasing User Engagement

Best Practices - 3 Ways To Increase User Engagement With Your Dashboard

By Zach Kathnelson, Partner ManagerApril 9, 2015

Prospects to CustomerProspects to Customer

The value of monitoring how prospects convert into paying customers

By Allan Wille, Co-FounderJune 12, 2015


Using website data to predict and avoid a hacker attack

By Garry BrownriggSeptember 16, 2019

Value Component OverviewValue Component Overview

Component Overview - The "Value" of simplicity

By Jonathan TaylorAugust 30, 2012

Create Kpi DashboardCreate Kpi Dashboard

How to create a KPI dashboard

By Jonathan TaylorJuly 1, 2017

How ToHow To

Klipfolio Partner How-To #1: Duplicating dashboards across client accounts

By Stef ReidJuly 5, 2018

Scatter Plot New FeaturesScatter Plot New Features

Release Roundup - 4 new data visualizations for your dashboard

By Jonathan TaylorNovember 16, 2012

Visually Appealing Marketo DashboardsVisually Appealing Marketo Dashboards

Create visually appealing, automated dashboards using Klipfolio

By Nicholas ManojlovicMarch 15, 2016

What Is A DashboardWhat Is A Dashboard

What is a data dashboard?

By Emily HaywardAugust 4, 2021

Setting up TV DashboardSetting up TV Dashboard

What is a TV dashboard?

By Emily HaywardMarch 31, 2021

Powermetrics DashboardPowermetrics Dashboard

What's New: Fall 2021 PowerMetrics updates

By Emily HaywardOctober 28, 2021

How to Use Marketo Data to Build A Dashboard Your Team Can Monitor Blog BannerHow to Use Marketo Data to Build A Dashboard Your Team Can Monitor Blog Banner

How to use Marketo data to build a dashboard your team can monitor

By Phil GamacheFebruary 9, 2018


Why customer support should be metrics-driven

By Akshaya SrikanthJuly 2, 2019

Internal MeetingInternal Meeting

How our Asana dashboard changed the rhythm of our meetings

By Alastair BarlowSeptember 28, 2018


Independent consultant moves the needle for his clients with Klipfolio

By Mitch DupuisApril 11, 2019

Klipfolio Zapier Match Made in Business Dashboard HeavenKlipfolio Zapier Match Made in Business Dashboard Heaven

Klipfolio + Zapier = A match made in business dashboard heaven

By Jonathan TaylorMarch 3, 2016

10 Must Have Search Marketing Metrics10 Must Have Search Marketing Metrics

10 must-have search marketing metrics

By Katya ZeisigAugust 9, 2016

8 digital marketing metrics for your dashboard8 digital marketing metrics for your dashboard

8 must-have metrics for your first digital marketing dashboard

By Emily HaywardFebruary 23, 2022

Klipfolio Affiliate ProgramKlipfolio Affiliate Program

The Top 10 SaaS Affiliate Programs

By Emily HaywardMarch 16, 2022

Marketing DashboardMarketing Dashboard

4 dashboards our marketing team uses to track the metrics that matter most

By Marisha SestoNovember 8, 2018

5 Saas Subscriptipon Metrics for Financial Reporting5 Saas Subscriptipon Metrics for Financial Reporting

5 SaaS subscription metrics for financial reporting

By Emily HaywardApril 5, 2022

Cheat HeadCheat Head

The Ultimate Klipfolio Cheat Sheet

By Mitch DupuisMay 2, 2019

4 Steps to Designing A Dashboard that Inspires Action4 Steps to Designing A Dashboard that Inspires Action

4 Steps to Designing a Dashboard That Inspires Action

By Mitch DupuisDecember 20, 2017

Saas Dashboard DesignSaas Dashboard Design

How to design a SaaS metrics dashboard

By Emily HaywardApril 27, 2022

Goals DashboardGoals Dashboard

Set goals and hit your business targets in PowerMetrics

By Jonathan TaylorMay 18, 2022

Klipfolio Vega IntergrationKlipfolio Vega Intergration

Klipfolio extends flexibility with Vega integration

By Ali PourshahidJune 24, 2015

Best DashboardBest Dashboard

6 dashboards I use daily - with live links

By Allan Wille, Co-FounderSeptember 11, 2015


Real-time KPI dashboards help Gogoprint improve their NPS rating from 42% to 77% in less than one year

By Mitch DupuisJanuary 23, 2019

Ramli John - User Activation RateRamli John - User Activation Rate

What is User Activation Rate?

By Emily HaywardAugust 12, 2022


Trace Medical teams up with a certified expert to build world-class KPI dashboards

By Mitch DupuisMarch 5, 2019

Power Metrics Homepage ExplorerPower Metrics Homepage Explorer

The Power of Data Exploration

By David MennieOctober 24, 2022

Data Feeds + Live Preview header imageData Feeds + Live Preview header image

Live Data, Live Preview

By David MennieDecember 5, 2022

Lead Generation DashboardLead Generation Dashboard

What makes a good lead generation dashboard?

By Jonathan TaylorJune 24, 2017

Untitled 1Untitled 1

VuPulse is monitoring performance on-the-fly using real-time dashboards

By Mitch DupuisJanuary 22, 2019

Learning KlipfolioLearning Klipfolio

Things I learned about learning Klipfolio

By Rupert Bonham-CarterJune 1, 2015


Klipfolio Data Heroes help automate real-time reporting at Curotec

By Mitch DupuisSeptember 9, 2019


Cresa automates social media reporting with all-in-one dashboards

By Mitch DupuisMay 13, 2019

2020 Business Dashboard2020 Business Dashboard

Making the 2020 Business Dashboard

By Brett KnowlesSeptember 5, 2018

Map Component OverviewMap Component Overview

Component overview - Mapping your performance

By Jonathan TaylorOctober 16, 2012

Digital Marketing Agency DashboardDigital Marketing Agency Dashboard

How digital marketing agencies can leverage business dashboards

By Cameron ConawayJuly 6, 2017


Klipfolio dashboards help Laundry Jeans become faster and more efficient

By Mitch DupuisJuly 24, 2019

Why Marketing Executives Need DashboardsWhy Marketing Executives Need Dashboards

Why marketing executives need dashboards

By Jonathan TaylorNovember 23, 2015