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Build Better Sales Reports by Collecting the Right Data with HubSpot

If you want your business to succeed, you need to set sales goals and report on them. To report...

Andrea Moxham- August 16, 2021

What is a data dashboard?

Our mission at Klipfolio is to help people succeed with data. And part of my personal mission is...

Emily Hayward- August 4, 2021

The Starter Guide to Dashboard Design

This article is part of our Starter Guide series.

Emily Hayward- June 17, 2021

The Starter Guide to Dashboards

This article is a part of our Starter Guide series.

Emily Hayward- June 9, 2021

The Starter Guide to Business Intelligence

This article is a part of our Starter Guide series.

Emily Hayward- May 26, 2021

How Data Visualization Helps Prevent Cyber Attacks

With a constantly evolving threat landscape, including new surfaces and vectors, traditional...

Matt Shealy- May 5, 2021

What is a TV dashboard?

A TV dashboard displays key business metrics in real-time on a television or wallboard....

Emily Hayward- March 31, 2021

Pauw Agency brings transparency to the music industry with Cervinodata

Case Study: Letting the musicians focus on what they do best, Pauw Agency and Cervinodata pair up...

Erik van Dorp- September 29, 2020

COVID-19: A dashboard for exploring historical data about the virus

Your COVID-19 dashboard powered by Klipfolio. Bookmarks this link to a dashboard with historical...

David Mennie- March 23, 2020

UpHabit tracks marketing and product metrics with Klipfolio dashboards

Personal CRM company uses Klipfolio to track company metrics on a TV dashboard.

Mitch Dupuis- January 2, 2020

19E fulfills dashboard reporting requirements with Klipfolio

Taking Google Sheet reporting to the next level with dashboard reporting in Klipfolio.

Mitch Dupuis- November 26, 2019

Logicalis speeds up data analysis efforts by 80% with Klipfolio

React to data quicker and share results with ease like they did at Logicalis after launching...

Mitch Dupuis- October 24, 2019

Using website data to predict and avoid a hacker attack

When you notice an increase/decrease in website traffic, unusual visitors and traffic to your login...

Garry Brownrigg- September 16, 2019

Klipfolio Data Heroes help automate real-time reporting at Curotec

After landing on Klipfolio as their dashboard solution of choice, Jason has found a way to use it...

Mitch Dupuis- September 9, 2019

Cervinodata’s 5-year partnership with Klipfolio leads to 1200% growth

Cervino uses Klipfolio in two ways: for internal reporting and for managing their client reporting.

Mitch Dupuis- August 26, 2019

Klipfolio helps Ascentis manage team performance using hard facts

Ascentis employees have become more ‘metrics-driven’ since the company started using Klipfolio....

Mitch Dupuis- August 20, 2019

Klipfolio dashboards help Laundry Jeans become faster and more efficient

Laundry uses Klipfolio dashboards mainly for tracking how close they are to achieving their company...

Mitch Dupuis- July 24, 2019

Why customer support should be metrics-driven

Keep every aspect of customer support in check by adopting a metrics-driven approach.

Akshaya Srikanth- July 2, 2019

Cresa automates social media reporting with all-in-one dashboards

Cresa has harnessed their social media metrics with Klipfolio reporting.

Mitch Dupuis- May 13, 2019

PayTabs embraces a data-driven strategy with KPI dashboards

PayTabs uses Klipfolio for tracking their company-wide KPIs.

Mitch Dupuis- May 21, 2019