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3 KPIs that carriers & shippers should be tracking

Here are 3 core KPIs for asset-driven service providers.

Sydney Wess- January 9, 2020

Top 6 KPIs to track for enterprise e-commerce organizations

Here are six of the most important KPIs to track your e-commerce offerings to measure the health of...

Brian Dainis- January 3, 2020

5 tips to understand (and organize) your restaurant data

Restaurant data can give you powerful insight into your restaurant’s functionality. Make sure to...

Saleem Khatri- December 11, 2019

Inside the mind of a successful data-driven startup founder

Startup uses data and dashboards to acheive amazing growth results. Here's the story...

Melinda Elmborg- December 5, 2019

19E fulfills dashboard reporting requirements with Klipfolio

Taking Google Sheet reporting to the next level with dashboard reporting in Klipfolio.

Mitch Dupuis- November 26, 2019

Top cybersecurity KPIs to track for risk mitigation

Learn about KPIs that help prevent cyber attacks

Matt Shealy- November 25, 2019

Become a better CFO with these three metrics

If you want to become a better CFO, use the following metrics to help tell a story.

Jody Grunden- October 18, 2019

Are your 'Key Results' undermining your 'Objectives'?

Here are five simple pointers to avoid surrogation.

Brett Knowles- October 18, 2019

The metrics any SaaS software development team needs to monitor

Every software development team in SaaS monitors metrics. Here we dive into the metrics development...

Ali Pourshahid- October 16, 2019

Klipfolio helps save 10 days of marketing report building efforts per month

WernerCo implements customizable dashboards that display dozens of data points in one view.

Mitch Dupuis- October 9, 2019

Blood, sweat and metrics: Creating an online KPI/metrics community

The Metric HQ is a crowd-sourced online library of terms and definitions for people using metrics...

Allan Wille- September 20, 2019

Grow your business with these six live chat metrics

Keeping the following six live chat metrics top of mind will ensure your support team is focussing...

Yaakov Karda- August 19, 2019

Two reasons why you should leverage self-service BI

In almost any organization there are two primary use cases for BI: Reporting and data exploration.

Pam Buffone- August 20, 2019

A true no coding experience: Building a PowerMetric with BigQuery and Cervinodata in under two minutes

Klipfolio and Cervinodata for BigQuery are a perfect combination. Here's why.

Erik van Dorp- July 15, 2019

Why customer support should be metrics-driven

Keep every aspect of customer support in check by adopting a metrics-driven approach.

Akshaya Srikanth- July 2, 2019

Decisions made with Klipfolio lead to 300% growth for Venture Harbour

Venture Harbour currently uses six different dashboards, which each represent one area of focus for...

Mitch Dupuis- June 24, 2019

The journey to HubSpot Metrics

Building HubSpot metrics for your clients.

Scott Lawrence- May 28, 2019

Planday tracks top SaaS KPIs with new dashboard technology: PowerMetrics

SaaS company uses new dashboard features to monitor KPIs.

Mitch Dupuis- March 22, 2019

How (and when) to create a custom metric

Commonly-used metrics do the trick most of the time. But no business is completely like another....

Mark Brownlee- January 23, 2019

Side hustle metrics: What you need to consider for side hustle success

Running your side hustle is different than most other businesses. Use these side hustle metrics to...

Mark Brownlee- January 21, 2019