12 must-have metrics for your social media dashboard

12 must-have metrics for your social media dashboard

Wondering where to start on your social media dashboard? Well, you've come to the right place! Treat this blog post as a menu, in which you can self-serve yourself metrics for your social media dashboard. I've compiled my top 12 social media metrics, but you can always wander over to our Integrations section and choose more.

I have even more good news: building a social media dashboard isn't hard! Each of the metrics shown in this blog are only a few clicks away. All you need is a Klipfolio account (which you can set up for free), and then click the add a Klip button to add the metric to your dashboard. It's really that simple.

Social media dashboard

Before we dive into the individual marketing metrics, let's take a look at the final product.

Social Media Dashboard | Dashboard Example

View the live version of this dashboard

My aim with this social media dashboard was to display metrics my team can immediately action. My focus is on measuring engagement, interactions, and social actions from each social media platform we use. Before building your dashboard, its important to define your organizations KPIs. I've purposefully placed the "Total Social Media Conversions" Klip at the top left to emphasize the importance of social traffic to my website as a signal of the strength of my social media campaigns.

12 essential metrics for your social media dashboard

You can easily add any of these metrics to your dashboard. Just click the "Add a Klip" button, and follow the instructions in Klipfolio. Remember: You just need to be signed into your Klipfolio account to add these Klips. (Don't have one: create an account now). Learn how Klipfolio turns your data into insight.

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Originally published November 2, 2015, updated Apr, 09 2021

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