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How Data Visualization Helps Prevent Cyber Attacks

With a constantly evolving threat landscape, including new surfaces and vectors, traditional...

Matt Shealy- May 5, 2021

The Metrics That Defined 2020

While it feels like March 278th, the truth is that 2020 is coming to an end. And it goes without...

Emily Hayward- December 17, 2020

The Evolution of Analytics

PowerMetrics is a radical new take on analytics that connects, stores, and makes available...

Allan Wille- December 3, 2020

Three Ways Unito Uses Data As Rocket Fuel

When it comes to gaining early visibility into bright spots and bumps in the road, Unito's savior...

Lauren Thibodeau- September 25, 2020

Misleading Statistics & Data: How To Protect Yourself Against Bad Statistics

Can you spot these misleading statistics in your analytics and data visualizations?

Hassan Ud-deen- March 30, 2020

Top 6 KPIs to track for enterprise e-commerce organizations

Here are six of the most important KPIs to track your e-commerce offerings to measure the health of...

Brian Dainis- January 3, 2020

5 tips to understand (and organize) your restaurant data

Restaurant data can give you powerful insight into your restaurant’s functionality. Make sure to...

Saleem Khatri- December 11, 2019

Inside the mind of a successful data-driven startup founder

Startup uses data and dashboards to acheive amazing growth results. Here's the story...

Melinda Elmborg- December 5, 2019

Top cybersecurity KPIs to track for risk mitigation

Learn about KPIs that help prevent cyber attacks

Matt Shealy- November 25, 2019

Growth Institute is making data-driven decisions faster with Klipfolio

With Klipfolio, Growth Institute has more visibility into all departments and are able to make...

Mitch Dupuis- September 17, 2019

10 Enterprise Software Applications Every Business Needs

To stay competitive and successful, enterprises need to stay on top of the emerging and best...

Jonathan Milne- September 27, 2019

Salesforce Training Resources 101: The Basics that You Need to Know

Looking to become a Saleforce expert? Get the lowdown on what you need to know about becoming an...

Jonathan Milne- September 25, 2019

6 Data Modeling Techniques For Better Business Intelligence

Boost your business results with the best data modeling techniques to gain key insights into what...

Jonathan Milne- September 9, 2019

PayTabs embraces a data-driven strategy with KPI dashboards

PayTabs uses Klipfolio for tracking their company-wide KPIs.

Mitch Dupuis- May 21, 2019

4 data-driven retail strategies to better understand your clients

Data-driven strategies for retail and restaurants.

Saleem Khatri- May 1, 2019

Using Data at Your Restaurant: Tips to Improve the Process

Use data properly at your restaurant. Tips to get started on improving your data usage.

Saleem Khatri- March 14, 2019

Managing Your Data for Hypergrowth: Insights from a Data-Driven Agency

Data is all the rage in 2019, with some calling it “the new oil.” It’s valuable, sought-after,...

Fiona Russell- January 30, 2019

It's not about the database. It's about you. The biggest Klipfolio update ever.

To help everyday people succeed with data, Klipfolio has implemented it's biggest update ever:...

Allan Wille- February 6, 2019

How (and when) to create a custom metric

Commonly-used metrics do the trick most of the time. But no business is completely like another....

Mark Brownlee- January 23, 2019

Side hustle metrics: What you need to consider for side hustle success

Running your side hustle is different than most other businesses. Use these side hustle metrics to...

Mark Brownlee- January 21, 2019