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A collection of our most recent articles on Salesforce Reporting

Building Your Salesforce Dashboard - An Ultimate Guide

Wanting to master Salesforce reporting? Look no further...

Katya Zeisig- August 15, 2018

How to build a Sales Team Leaderboard

Friendly competition and real-time monitoring? Yes please.

Marisha Sesto- June 19, 2018

The top Salesforce reporting tools

There are severe limitations to reporting within Salesforce. Here's a glimpse into the top...

Jonathan Taylor- September 2, 2017

How to build a Salesforce TV dashboard

Building a Salesforce TV dashboard for your business can be both a functional gamechanger and a...

Jonathan Taylor- March 2, 2018

Getting started with SOQL

Klipfolio Dashboard's Salesforce data connector lets you use SOQL to retrieve data from your...

Jonathan Taylor- July 6, 2012