The ultimate resources to help you master the art of CRM

Published 2018-05-23, updated 2023-03-14

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Summary - CRM is a surefire way to manage your business. In this blog, we narrow down the top training resources to help you become a CRM pro.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that becoming an expert in the ever-changing world of CRM technologies is hard.

Especially when there is an overflow of “helpful” information at your disposal.

So here’s the deal.

The folks at Klipfolio have got you covered: we’ve done the heavy lifting, giving you the ultimate resources to master the art of CRM.

So now you can focus less on trying to navigate the tools and more on using them to take full control over the growth of your business, allowing for improved pipeline management, and top-notch strategic decision making.

This is what we’ll cover:

  1. Top Salesforce Training Resources
  2. Infusionsoft Learning
  3. Zoho CRM Training Courses
  4. Pipedrive Learning Resources
  5. HubSpot CRM Training

Top Salesforce Training Resources

If you have yet to get onboarded with this powerful, innovative, CRM tool, let us get you up to speed: Salesforce acts as a hub for your business by combining sales, marketing, and customer service in its customizable platform which can be integrated with your Klipfolio dashboard. With all powerful tools comes a learning curve; but have no fear, here are 8 resources to ensure you and your business are Salesforce savvy ASAP.

    1. Salesforce Classes + Credentials

Type: Instructor-led

Cost: $600+

Salesforce has many different learning pathways differentiated by roles and skill levels. One of the most common methods of mastering the ins and outs of this CRM tool is through classes and credentials. Salesforce classes dive deep into product features and offer flexibility for you to choose whether to learn in class or online.

After completing courses, you can get yourself Salesforce-certified; Salesforce-certified professionals are becoming increasingly vital to the success of business and obtaining the certification not only makes you marketable, but gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

    1. Salesforce’s Trailhead

Type: Self-directed

Cost: FREE

Salesforce’s Trailhead program offers series of modules that train users in specific skill sets. These courses are condensed, yet cover a ton of important content.

For even more free content, Salesforce has an awesome library of resources that includes cheat sheets, user guides, glossaries, and even a Youtube library. Check these out if you need help navigating any challenges you come across while interacting with the tool.

    1. Simplilearn

Type: Instructor-led or Self-directed

Cost: $599+

Simplilearn provides another great training solution with a curriculum that is tailored to your organization’s needs. Their courses are aligned with Salesforce’s official training and offered in self-paced or instructor-led formats.

    1. PluralSight

Type: Self-directed

Cost: $29-$299

PluralSight offers expert-led courses and tools that not only help you refine your skills but aligns your learning with your organizational strengths and weaknesses.

    1. Stony Point

Type: Instructor-led

Cost: $300+

Stony Point lets technical users and end users learn the ropes with a tailored approach that combines consulting and development services.

    1. Edureka

Type: Self-directed

Cost: $279+

Want to explore how cloud computing is influencing the way we do business? If so, Edureka is for you. This tool will help you learn the ins and outs of CRM and its business implications.

    1. Lynda

Type: Self-directed online training

Cost: $29-$34

Who doesn’t like a good educational video? This self-paced learning tool will teach you beginner to advanced techniques through a series of video modules led by Salesforce experts.

    1. Udemy

Type: Instructor-led classes

Cost: $25+

Udemy does an awesome job of providing complete certification programs for a variety of roles who interact with the Salesforce platform.


Infusionsoft Learning

Are you a small business? Infusionsoft offers a CRM platform that was built keeping you and your team in mind; they understand the many moving parts you are managing, so they make it quick and easy for you to develop killer marketing campaigns - giving you more time to take care of other facets of your business. Once you’re up to speed, try building an Infusionsoft dashboard.

    1. Infusionsoft University

Type: Self-directed

Cost: $299

Taught by Infusionsoft experts, this three day course will teach you everything you need to know to become an Infusionsoft pro. The course leads you through the ins and outs of automation and shows off the tool in creative new ways. You’ll get to building killer campaigns in no time!

    1. Udemy

Type: Self-directed

Cost: $79+

Udemy has an entire library of courses dedicated for anyone from CRM beginners to expert Infusionsoft email marketers. Keep your eyes peeled for flash sales - course prices go on sale for as low at $13.99!

    1. Training Business Pros: 1-on-1 Infusionsoft Training

Type: Instructor-led

Cost: $297/hour

A pricier buy but worth it, 1-on-1 training options will take you from a basic user to an expert, making the investment in the tool a profitable one. These courses are led by an Infusionsoft Certified Partner who not only knows the ins and outs of the tool but can provide valuable digital marketing insight. A great plus!

    1. Help Centre by Infusionsoft

Type: Self-directed

Cost: FREE

Infusionsoft’s Help Centre is home to a free library of training webinars that cover concepts ranging from beginner to advanced. And did we mention, free?

Logo Zoho
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Zoho CRM Training Courses

Zoho CRM is a robust tool that allows your team to manage customer relations while simultaneously streamlining sales, marketing, inventory management and customer support efforts. Create your own Zoho CRM connector.

    1. Zoho CRM - Online and Classroom Training

Type: Instructor-led

Cost: FREE

Zoho Cares is a library created to dive deep into each of the product’s features. Upon selecting a feature, you gain access to user guides, blogs, webinars, help videos, and more. Zoho Cares has information on everything you need to know about the tool… and the best part? It’s free!

    1. Zoho CRM Training Videos

Type: Self-directed

Cost: $699-$799

Zoho training videos offer a comprehensive view of the many facets of the CRM tool and aim to equip your team with the skills to more efficiently and effectively manage the sales funnel. With each video, you focus on just one of the product’s features to ensure you gain the specific knowledge you need to operate that function.

    1. Udemy - Zoho Academy

Type: Self-directed

Cost: FREE

With almost 25,000 students, Zoho Academy is one of the most reputable training programs designed to help you learn the lay of the land of Zoho CRM. The courses cover tips and tricks on the basics through to advanced configuration and administration.


Pipedrive Learning Resources

For many, CRM tools can be overwhelming and intimidating, but Pipedrive is different, placing a great emphasis on simplicity. The user interface makes it easy to navigate and have full control over the actions that ultimately lead to your team’s success. These actions include pipeline management, email integration, sales reporting and forecasting, Google Apps integration, and more. As an added bonus, you can integrate Pipedrive with Klipfolio!

Pipedrive provides an array of free training tools to help you master CRM. Through Sales Pipeline Academy, you can participate in a 2 week email course, or, alternatively, you can explore Pipedrive’s library of guides, case studies, free tools, and templates.

    1. Sales Pipeline Academy

Type: Self-directed

Cost: FREE


Type: Self-directed

Cost: FREE


HubSpot CRM Training

HubSpot is a leader in CRM and sales enablement tools - its CRM function has automated many of the menial traditional admin tasks, making this tool user friendly and quick to learn. Get a clear view of your business’ pipeline with HubSpot, allowing for sharper management and smarter decision-making. Try designing a custom HubSpot dashboard of your own to give you and your team performance insights.

    1. HubSpot Academy - Software Training

Type: Self-directed

Cost: FREE

HubSpot Academy offers step by step learning for each of its important features. You’ll be a whiz in no time.

    1. HubSpot Classroom Training

Type: Self-directed

Cost: $500+

This HubSpot training approach gives you the opportunity to join a group of other HubSpot users and learn about how the software can help you to improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts. Pick up tips and tricks from HubSpot experts in a classroom near you!

    1. Lynda

Type: Self-directed

Cost: $29-$34 (with a free 30-day trial)

As mentioned earlier on, Lynda is a great resource that offers online video tutorials on CRM techniques ranging from beginner to advanced. Check out if this training avenue is for you by testing out their 30-day trial.

So, you’ve made it this far, which means you probably love learning as much as we do. Hopefully at this point, you have a toolkit full of ways to master the art of CRM.

But that’s not all.

We have created our own courses to help you turn into a CRM data hero!

Bottom line: CRM is a surefire way to make sure your business is managing its pipeline in the most efficient way possible, leaving you more time to focus on all of the other moving parts, and ultimately, getting you the results you’re looking for.

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