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In a world that’s focused online, it’s no wonder Ecommerce is booming. We know that managing an online store isn’t easy, and with data points flying at you from all angles it can be hard to know which metrics to focus on. This curated list of Ecommerce KPIs and metrics will help you stay on top of all your data and drive your store to success.

Ecommerce KPI Examples

Shopping Cart Conversion Rate.png

Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

Track the number of shopping carts started versus the the number of shopping carts that progress to a successful order.

Shopping Carts Abandoned.png

Shopping Carts Abandoned

Monitor the number of carts that have been abandoned by customers.

Cost Per Order.png

Cost per Order

Measure the average advertising costs that go into generating a single sale.

Coupon Conversion

Coupon Conversion

Monitor the total number of coupons being redeemed by customers.

Items Per Order.png

Items per Order

Measure the total number of items purchased per order.

New Customer of First Visit.png

New Customer on First Visit

Track the number of users that buy items on their first visit to your site.

New Vs Returning Customers.png

New Customers

Track the total number of new customers coming to your site.

On Time Delivery.png

On-Time Delivery

Measure the timeliness of your deliveries.

Order Value.png

Order Value

Measure the average value of orders from your customers.

Product Views Per Session.png

Product Views per Session

Track the average number of products a potential customer viewers during their session on your online store.

New Vs Returning Customers.png

Returning Customers

Track the total number of customers that keep coming back to your online store.

Revenue from New Customers.png

Revenue from New Visitors

Track the total amount of revenue coming in from new visitors.

Online Revenue Share.png

Revenue from Repeat Online Customers

Measure the total share of revenue that is coming from repeat customers.

Revenue Per Visitor.png

Revenue per Visitor

Measure the total amount of revenue generated by a single visit to your site.

Shipping Error Rate.png

Shipping Error Rate

Track the total number of shipping errors that have occurred.

Shopping Cart Sessions.png

Shopping Cart Sessions

Track the total number of shopping cart sessions on your site.

Shopping Session Length.png

Shopping Session Length

Measure the average amount of time a single users spends on your site.

Unique Online Buyers.png

Unique Online Buyers

Measure the number of unique buyers that have visited your site.

Visits to Purchase.png

Visits to Purchase

Measure the average number of site visits before a purchase is made.

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