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Supply Chain Metrics & KPI Examples

Give your data purpose so you can effectively manage your supply chain metrics.

Manufacturing is the backbone of most of what we take for granted. But as anyone working in the manufacturing industry knows, a lot of work goes into ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Managing all the moving parts in your supply chain can be a logistical nightmare unless you have access to the right KPIs and metrics. You need to track the current status of shipments, monitor inventory levels, and ensure that all orders you ship are completely accurate. Use these supply chain KPIs and metrics to ensure that your operations are always running smoothly.

Best supply chain metrics to monitor

These are the ten key supply chain metrics you should track to optimize your business operation:

  1. On-time delivery
  2. Inventory to sales ratio (ISR)
  3. Slow moving stock
  4. Inventory carrying rate
  5. Stock rotations
  6. Freight cost per tonne shipped
  7. Days sales of inventory (DSI)
  8. Perfect order delivery rate
  9. Months on hand
  10. Supplier on-time delivery

See below KPI examples to learn more about tracking your Supply Chain performance.

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