Create metrics for data analysis

A metric-centric approach is key to powerful data analysis. Build powerful metrics and empower your non-technical team members to explore and visualize data, ending repetitive feedback loops.

Create metrics for data analysis
Metrics-based approach to reporting and analytics

Metrics-based approach to reporting and analytics

Metrics are quantifiable standards with built-in dimensions that you can reuse across your dashboards. A metric-centric architecture lets you specify what to measure and track when it comes to the health of your business and ensure you're always using clean, up-to-date, and trusted data.

  • Find well understood, pre-defined, and trusted metrics defined by experts in MetricHQ. Search for them by name or specific attributes and create them instantly in your account using your data.
  • Define your own custom metrics and their measures and dimensions up front, and trust the metrics are correct moving forward.
  • Once created, metrics can be reused on all dashboards and visualized using our library of 28 chart types.
  • Enable non-technical team members to explore metrics in the user interface and build dashboards, freeing up your time. Analyze metrics using different segments, apply filters, experiment with visualizations, and build and share reports—no coding required.

Three ways to
create a metric

Build, manage, and explore instant metrics, custom metrics, or calculated metrics—whatever your skill level, technical expertise, or data goals.

Custom metrics Icon

Custom metrics

Pull your data in from a modeled data source you create via a cloud file, spreadsheet, SQL query, or REST API.

Use Query Builder to fetch your data and automate the data collection and history. Then, build your metrics with the control and precision you need to achieve your goals.

Instant metrics Icon

Instant metrics

Choose from hundreds of pre-built connectors that pull data directly from 3rd party cloud services like HubSpot, Stripe, Facebook, or Google Analytics. All you need are the login credentials or admin access to the service.

Once you authenticate and pick your metric, we securely connect to the service, model the data and build the metric for you.

Calculated metrics Icon

Calculated metrics

Calculated metrics give you the control and flexibility to create formulas using metrics from different services. They automatically update, even if you change the metrics used in your formula.

Filter and segment your metrics with dimensions

Filter and segment your metrics with dimensions

Once you’ve created your metrics, it’s time to explore. Share the metrics with your non-technical team members so they can analyze and build dashboards based on their goals and objectives.

  • Use filters on dimensions to select which data to visualize.
  • Use filters at the dashboard level and change the time period.
  • Segment your data to use in a visualization and save the metric view to a dashboard.

metrics features

Dimensions Icon


Add up to 5 dimensions to each metric for use in segmentation, adding depth to your analysis.

Visualization Icon


Explore a rich library of 28 chart types, including multi-metric support, and the ability to change a metric visualization in a matter of seconds.

Goals and Notifications Icon

Goals and Notifications

Set goals against your metrics and set up an early warning system that alerts you by email or in-app when you have hit your goals or missed the mark.

Data History Icon

Data History

Metrics automatically incorporate data into their values and history at the appropriate time context so you can consume them as a single artifact. This also allows you to see how your metrics evolve over time or between specific moments in time.

Metric Library Icon

Metric Library

Set up an easy and searchable central repository of metrics that can be reused across all dashboards, visualized in different ways and shared with team members.

Always Up-to-date Icon

Always Up-to-date

Trust your metrics are automatically updated, no matter where the data originally comes from so you can skip manual, repetitive updates to static reports.

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