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Build an Insightly dashboard with Klipfolio

Insightly Dashboard

Build an Insightly dashboard with Klipfolio

With Klipfolio, you can build a custom Insightly dashboard to keep track of your leads, proposals, opportunities, and projects. Use a real-time CRM dashboard to manage your lead lifecycle and campaign performance.

How to build an Insightly dashboard

There are two ways to build CRM dashboards in Klipfolio:

  1. Klip Gallery - Use pre-built Insightly metrics
  2. Connector Gallery - Use the Connector Gallery to create a custom Insightly dashboard

Use pre-built Insightly metrics

Assemble an Insightly dashboard by selecting pre-built metrics from the Klip Gallery.

Klip Template | Insightly - Deals Won

Deals Won (Last 30 days)

Monitor the total value of wins over the past 30 days, and compare it to the total from the previous 30 days.


Klip Template | Insightly - Opportunity Pipeline

Opportunity Pipeline

View opportunities at each stage of the pipeline, and track bid values.


Klip Template | Insightly - Quarterly Metrics

Quarterly Metrics

Track your most pivotal metrics for the current quarter.


Klip Template | Insightly - Top 5 Opportunities

Top 5 Opportunities

Monitor your top five opportunity values and ensure they turn into wins.


Klip Template | Insightly - Top Recent Wins

Top 5 Recent Wins

Show off your five most recent wins.


Klip Template | Insightly - Value of Open Opportunities

Value of Open Opportunities

View the total value of all open opportunities.


Klip Template | Insightly - Wins By Category

Wins By Category

See a list of your latest wins by category.


Use the Connector Gallery to create a custom Insightly dashboard

With our Connector Gallery, you can create custom API queries to pull in data from your Insightly account. Building custom queries allows you to specify the metrics and time periods that you want to track.

You can use custom queries to build out custom visualizations in Klipfolio. You can also combine your Insightly data with other relevant data (i.e. Google Analytics) to get a deeper understanding of how you’re converting users.

Learn more about working with the Insightly API and how you can start building your own Insightly queries in Klipfolio.