Online Marketing Dashboard

Track your marketing performance using an online marketing dashboard.

This online marketing dashboard provides an example of how digital marketing managers are tracking their marketing metrics. Another good dashboard to track your online marketing is the Google Analytics dashboard that features many of the same metrics as this one; along with many others to take a deeper dive into your web analytics.

One of the most important metrics tracked by the online marketing dashboard is the conversion rates of leads in the funnel. Online marketers need to understand how website visitors convert into leads, and, eventually, into new wins. This metric is also complimented by the monthly revenue metric to allow the marketing team to see how they've contributed to revenue growth.

By utilizing online marketing channels like email, advertising, and social media, marketers can amplify their reach. Digital advertising channels like AdWords allow marketers to serve up timely ads the moment a user performs a search on Google. Email marketing provides a potent method of following up with leads, as well as nurturing leads into the sales process. Social media gives marketers the ability to reach their audience using content like video, images, and web content. Learn more about how your business can track these metrics, along with others, on a social media dashboard.


Since online marketing spans multiple channels, this dashboard is designed to provide a high-level overview of 6 important marketing channels: website performance, digital advertising, social media, inbound lead generation, revenue generation, and email marketing.

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