Starter Guide to Social Media Analytics

Track all of your social media analytics in one place. With a self-serve, lightweight BI tool like PowerMetrics, you can supercharge your social media strategy with the data and insights to make better business decisions.

Here's what we'll cover:

  1. What is social media analytics?
  2. Our social media starter guides
  3. Explore our most-popular social media metrics
  4. Why do you need a social media analytics dashboard?
  5. Social media strategy foundations

What is social media analytics?

Social media analytics gathers and analyzes data from social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Social media analytics is commonly used by digital marketers and social media managers to track social metrics like audience growth and conversion.

Your employees, your brand, and your clients are on social media. For digital marketers, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are key pillars of a social media strategy. But maintaining a social media presence for your brand is only half of the responsibility. The other half? Measurement.

Check out our social media starter guides

Explore our most-popular social media metrics

Click each icon to view the metrics available for that service.

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  • Klipfolio Social Media Analytics - Instagram
  • Klipfolio Social Media Analytics - Twitter
  • Klipfolio Social Media Analytics - Linkedin
  • Klipfolio Social Media Analytics - YouTube
Facebook Page Metrics | Content Engagement

Content Engagement

Track content engagement to know what type of content converts and where you can make adjustments.

Facebook Page Metrics | Page Likes

Page Likes

Track page likes to count the number of unique visitors who have liked your Facebook page.

Facebook Page Metrics | New Followers

New Followers

Track new followers to understand the number of people who have followed your page over a given time period.

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Instagram Metrics | Account Reach

Account Reach

Track the total number of individual Instagram accounts that viewed your posts or advertisements.

Instagram Metrics | Followers


Track your Instagram followers to gauge your brand’s audience and community growth.

Instagram Metrics | Website Clicks

Website Clicks

Track your website clicks to measure how many people click through to your site from the Instagram app.

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Twitter Metrics | Ad Clicks

Ad Clicks

Track your ad clicks to count the number of times users clicked on your ad to reach a webpage.

Twitter Metrics | Click-through Rate

Click-through Rate

Track campaign performance by measuring click-through rate (CTR) to track the percentage of clicks that generate impressions.

Twitter Metrics | Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click

Track your cost per click (CPC) to know exactly how much you are paying for each ad click.

Visit MetricHQ to discover the full library of Twitter metrics
LinkedIn Page Metrics | Followers


Followers is the number of users who have chosen to follow another user’s or company’s posts, such as via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

LinkedIn Page Metrics | Post Engagement

Post Engagement

Post Engagement is the count of the total number of interactions with an individual post.

LinkedIn Page Metrics | Post Engagement Rate

Post Engagement Rate

Track the ratio of interactions on a post to the total number of followers to understand your engagement rate.

Visit MetricHQ to discover the full library of LinkedIn metrics
YouTube Metrics | Subscribers


The most important metric to measure your growth. Track the number of people who have subscribed to your channel.

YouTube Metrics | Average View Duration

Average View Duration

Track the average length, in seconds, of video playbacks for your top 100 videos.

YouTube Metrics | Video Watch Time

Video Watch Time

Measure how much time has been spent watching your top 100 videos.

Visit MetricHQ to discover the full library of YouTube metrics

Why do you need a social media analytics dashboard?

If each social media platform has in-app analytics, why should you consider a third-party social media analytics tool like PowerMetrics? A social media dashboard analytics dashboard will help you to...

Make informed decisions

  • What type of content do people engage with?
  • What time of day do we see the highest level of engagement with our content?
  • Are we reaching the right audience?

These questions will help you analyze your current strategy and optimize for the future.

Track your progress against your goals and objectives

Your social media strategy for each channel should be measured against goals and objectives. This will give you quantifiable data to understand what’s working—or what isn’t. With the help of a social media dashboard, you can see what’s worked in the past and use that as a benchmark to refine your approach. PowerMetrics stores your data history so you can compare against past performance and set achievable, realistic benchmarks for future campaigns. Use your analytics to ground your goals with numbers you know you can achieve (or surpass!)

Measure your success

Setting goals is just the starting point. You need to be able to measure if you achieved your goals. A social media analytics dashboard gives you the tools you need to understand your social media performance. Check in on your performance throughout the process and make real-time updates based on the insights you’re provided.

Social media analytics is the foundation of any social media strategy

Gathering the right data enables you to make decisions that will give you a competitive edge in an increasingly-crowded social media world.

By using a social media analytics tool like PowerMetrics, not only can you see at-a-glance how your campaigns are performing, but the dashboard also:

  • Updates in real-time so you can always access the most up-to-date performance metrics
  • Combines data from all of your social media channels, all in one place
  • Visualizes your data using charts and graphs for easy analysis
  • Tracks your social media history so you can understand trends and growth over time

Digital marketers and social media managers are busy people. There’s a lot of data to interpret throughout the course of an average work day. But with a tool like PowerMetrics, you don’t have to spend time logging in to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram channels to extract your analytics. Instead, all you have to do is log in to PowerMetrics, look at your dashboard, and immediately understand your campaign performance.

You already do it all. Now you can do analytics, too.