Facebook Ads Dashboard

Facebook Ads Dashboard

Facebook Ads Dashboard

You can create your own custom Facebook Ads dashboard by retrieving metrics and stats directly from your company's account. Keep all your most important KPIs in one place with this Facebook Ads Dashboard. Monitoring your Facebook Ads campaigns on this dashboard will help you answer important questions that guild your social media marketing strategies:

    Am I targeting the right people?
    Have a chosen the right type of ad?
    Are people responding better to this text and image?

Maybe your dashboard has proven that you have to adjust certain areas of your Facebook Ads campaign, or indicates that what you are doing is harnessing a positive response. Regardless, whatever insights you gather from this dashboard will be actionable to improve your campaign. This dashboard is an easy way to keep up with your ads campaigns, and monitor social media ROI.

Facebook Ads Metrics

Social Media KPI | Facebook Ads CPM and CPP

Facebook Ads CPM and CPP (last 7 days)

Compare cost per impressions and cost per 1000 people reached over the past 7 days from your Facebook Ads.

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Social Media KPI Metric | Facebook Ads Todays Summary

Facebook Ads Today's Summary

Drill down into today's campaign metrics and monitor your Facebook Ads objectives.

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Social Media KPI Metric | Facebook Ads Impressions and Reach

Facebook Ads Impressions and Reach (last 7 days)

Compare your Facebook Ads impressions with reach over the past 7 days.

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Social Media KPI | Facebook Ads Campaign Performance

Facebook Ads Campaign Performance

Make sure your message is reaching the right audience by measuring your Facebook Ads campaign performance for the date range of your choice.

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How do you measure social media ROI?

Social Media Return on Investment (ROI) is the monetary proof that your marketing efforts are working. According to Social Media Examiner, “Social media ROI is defined as a measure of the efficiency of a social media marketing campaign”.

Tracking social media return on marketing investment allows marketers, and businesses in general, know what’s working and what’s not, to improve tactics and properly allocate time and resources. Before you track ROI you need to set goals for the specific social media metrics you want to track. It is important that you have a unique and specific goal for each social media metric.

For example, Facebook ROI can be calculated a number of ways. One being through Bitly. Most marketers are familiar with bitly as a link-shortening tool, but bitly also provides an analytics platform that can help you track the success of the links you place on Facebook. Your target ROI for this metric will be entirely different than your Followers metric.


This dashboard centralizes the performance of your Facebook Ads. By adding these KPIs side by side, you are able to quickly check into your campaigns results in real-time, at any time.

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