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How to build an algorithm in 6 steps

Looking to build a algorithm for your business? Follow these 6 steps.

Erik van Dorp- October 28, 2019

Discover your Digital Marketing Specialization: The T-Shaped Marketer model

T-Shaped Marketers have a skillset that spans the foundational landscape of digital marketing; this...

Phil Gamache- May 3, 2019

4 data-driven retail strategies to better understand your clients

Data-driven strategies for retail and restaurants.

Saleem Khatri- May 1, 2019

Using project briefs to develop the full potential of Agile teams

Using project briefs is about creating a lightweight process that can maximize the effectiveness of...

Ali Pourshahid- April 9, 2019

The 5 project management methods your team should already be using

Delivering projects is the foundation for our everyday work lives. At work and at home, we are...

Stef Reid- March 21, 2019

Using Data at Your Restaurant: Tips to Improve the Process

Use data properly at your restaurant. Tips to get started on improving your data usage.

Saleem Khatri- March 14, 2019

From Undone to Done: The Essential Guide to Workflow Diagrams

Curious about what a workflow is and how you can use workflow diagrams? Learn the process...

Marisha Sesto- February 21, 2019

How to write a proposal

Writing proposals is the driving force behind winning deals. In this blog, we nail down the best...

Stef Reid- February 5, 2019

How smart businesses are making better decisions

Data visualization applications such as Klipfolio are transforming the way in which we view, and...

Alastair Barlow- September 27, 2018

How-to supercharge agile teams and process using OKRs

OKRs are objectives and key results. An OKR is a practical and straightforward framework for...

Ali Pourshahid- July 3, 2018

Why every tech company needs to revisit its development manifesto

A company’s development manifesto is an important tool for the creation of an agile software...

Elijah El-Haddad- September 22, 2017

Digital nomad success, part 2: Tools for work

You know the typical picture that's painted of digital nomads. It's similar to the one often...

Valerie Hamilton- July 28, 2017

How to structure UX research

Looking for ways to improve your product? Good, science-based UX research will help pinpoint...

Tomasz Ogrodzinski- June 22, 2017

Why changing your company’s culture helps make continuous delivery work. Part 3

This is the third of three blog postings on the concept of continuous delivery. This is an...

Ali Pourshahid- April 13, 2017

Best practices for successful implementation of continuous delivery. Part 2

This is the second of three blog postings on the concept of continuous delivery. It’s an important...

Ali Pourshahid- March 29, 2017

Continuous Delivery: What it is, why it works - and why you need it. Part 1

This is the first of three blog postings on the concept of continuous delivery. It’s an important...

Ali Pourshahid- March 13, 2017

How KPIs help SMBs succeed

Being an entrepreneur is as rewarding as it is demanding. Here's a friendly introduction to how...

Jeremy Hall- June 8, 2017

How to generate great leads that make sense for your business

A lot of companies struggle with lead generation. You can have a great product and a great team,...

Allan Wille- May 6, 2016

A Software Development Manifesto

A manifesto is a set of principles with which most people in the team are aligned. There will be...

Ali Pourshahid- April 28, 2016

How to run a successful hackathon in 7 steps: A Development Manager’s guide

A step-by-step guide on how to start and host your own internal hackathon event in your software...

Ali Pourshahid- February 23, 2016