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Klipfolio courses give you free step-by-step tutorials on visualizing, building, deploying, and sharing dashboards and Klips in bit-sized pieces.

Covering everything from basic visualizations to working with SOQL data and our most popular data integrations, Klipfolio offers you an easy way to master dataviz. The best part? The courses are only 5 days, and each lesson only takes 5 minutes to get through.

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Unboxing Klipfolio

An introduction to the power of Klipfolio as a reporting tool

Unboxing PowerMetrics Course

Unboxing PowerMetrics Course

Unboxing Klipfolio Course

Unboxing Klipfolio Course

Dashboard Courses

Dashboard Course - General

General Dashboard Course

Dashboard Course - Marketing

Marketing Dashboard Course

Dashboard Course - Salesforce

Salesforce Dashboard Course

Dashboard Course - SQL

SQL Dashboard Course

Dashboard Course - Partners

Partner Dashboard Course

KPI Courses

KPI Course - Digital Marketing KPIs

Digital Marketing KPIs Course

KPI Course - Sales KPIs

Sales KPIs Course

KPI Course - General KPIs

General KPIs Course

KPI Course - SaaS KPIs

SaaS KPIs Course

(7 Days)

KPI Course - Leveling Up on KPIs Course

Leveling Up on KPIs Course

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"So far, Klipfolio is the only tool with which I could really gather completely heterogeneous pieces of information, ranging from sales to our user research production and display them as simple graphics that the whole team can easily understand."

Thibault Geneen, CEO, Ferpection