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“The creators of Klipfolio are true masters of visualization, displaying real-time data in clear beautiful charts, graphs, and diagrams.”

Author Rodrigo Rojas

Rodrigo Rojas

General Manager at TimeHunter

HR reporting software and analytics for talent management

Data-driven human performance management for business growth

Bring your HR data to the executive table

Let Klipfolio help you be the strategic HR professional you were always meant to be. Showcase your HR analytics data story to share your teams impact on the organization.

Drive your HR analytics with customizable dashboards and reports

Ensure your team leverages reports to make strategic and proactive decisions that positively affect your performance goals. It will become the difference between managing people and elevating them to their potential.

Build and schedule reports for all the different departments you support

Human resource management is the heart of every organization and drives the success of every team. Create the custom HR reports that every team needs.

Human resource dashboard examples

Curious to see what you can track in Klipfolio? Here are just a few examples of the HR dashboards you can build. View the live dashboard examples to get a better look.

Klipfolio - HR Leadership and Performance Development Dashboard

HR Leadership and Performance Development Dashboard

  • Get a real-time, interactive view of your department structure
  • Track mentors for each department of your organization
  • Track roles, succession plans, and professional development
Klipfolio - LinkedIn Dashboard

LinkedIn Dashboard

  • Build a LinkedIn dashboard to track your company's follower growth
  • Track the number of clicks your LinkedIn page has generated
  • Keep an eye on how engaging your company page and posts are

Metrics for Human Resources

Want to motivate your team and stay up to date on your data, but not sure which metrics to start with? Not to worry, we've compiled a list of the top, most common HR KPIs (key performance indicators) our users have built using Klipfolio. If you are looking for more, check out our KPI Library:

  1. Ethnic Diversity Ratio: Track the diversity of your company’s workforce
  2. Gender Ratio: Measure the ratio of male to female employees in your company
  3. Span of Control: Monitor the number of subordinates working under a manager
  4. Headcount: Track the size of your company or department
  5. Applications Received per Vacancy: Track the popularity of your job vacancy postings
  6. Signing Bonus Expense: Measure the average size of the signing bonus for all new hires
  7. Cost per Hire: Measure how much it costs for a single hire
  8. Turnover Rate: Analyze the effectiveness of your employee retention efforts
  9. Recruiter to Open Requisitions Ratio: Measure the ratio of recruiters to open job positions waiting to be filled
  10. Job Offer Acceptance Rate: Measure the rate at which job offers are accepted by prospective employees
  11. Open Job Requisitions: Monitor the number of open positions within your company
  12. Training Costs: Measure and analyze the investments put forward in your employees
  13. Overtime Hours: Monitor the total number of overtime hours employees are working
  14. Employee Engagement: Track how invested your employees are in the company
  15. Employee Productivity: Measure the overall effectiveness and productivity of your employees
  16. Part-Time Employees: Monitor the number of part-time workers and students are in your employ over time
klipfolio - human resource metrics connections

How to track your human resource metrics with Klipfolio

Klipfolio allows you to pull in data from all of the different HR services you use to track your performance—and display precisely what you need in a single interactive dashboard. What does this mean for you? No more manual monthly reports or Excel sheets with multiple versions. And you can get started with just a few clicks.

Pre-built Metrics

Here are a few pre-built HR metrics.

Click each icon to see what's possible.

  • klipfolio - glassdoor
  • klipfolio - google calendar
  • klipfolio - trello
  • klipfolio - basecamp
  • klipfolio - linkedin


Connecting your Glassdoor account with Klipfolio gives you instant access to your company's ratings and reviews. You can also combine your Glassdoor data with data from other key services. With Klipfolio you can track metrics like:

  • Overall rating
  • Culture ratings
  • Value ratings
  • Work life balance ratings
  • And more
Klip Template | Glassdoor - Overall Rating

Overall Rating

Discover how a company is rated overall by past and present employees.


Klip Template | Glassdoor - Ratings


Explore a company's ratings in various categories, from work life balance to senior leadership.


See what else you can build for Glassdoor

Google Calendar

Are you using Google Calendar to manage your meetings and interviews? Connect your account to Klipfolio to easily monitor your calendar and amount of time spent in meetings. With Klipfolio you can track:

  • Daily meetings
  • Time spent in meetings
  • Percentage of time spent in meetings
  • And more
Klip Template | Google Calendar - My Calendar Today

My Calendar Today

See what Google Calendar events you have today and never miss a meeting.


Klip Template | Google Calendar - Time Spent in Meetings

Time Spent in Meetings (Previous Week)

Discover how much time you spent in meetings last week.


See what else you can build for Google Calendar


Are you using Trello to manage your time, meetings, and roles to be filled? Connect your account with Klipfolio and track key HR metrics in a dashboard that's easy to share. In Klipfolio, you can track metrics like:

  • Overdue cards
  • Comments timeline
  • Cards due today
  • And more
Klip Template | Trello - Metrics


Track the key metrics for the cards on your chosen Trello board.


Klip Template | Trello - Comments Timeline

Comments Timeline

Listen to your team with a timeline of Trello comments.


See what else you can build for Trello


Are you using Basecamp for HR management? Connect your account with Klipfolio and easily track your KPIs in an interactive dashboard. Track metrics like:

  • To dos
  • Completed to dos
  • Discussions
  • Project members
  • And more
Klip Template | Basecamp - Project Updates

Project Updates

Monitor your team's activity with a real-time list of updates.


Klip Template | Basecamp - Completed To Dos

Completed To Dos

See a list of tasks each team member has completed using a handy drop down menu.


See what else you can build for Basecamp


Connect your LinkedIn account with Klipfolio and easily track your company's page stats and engagement. In Klipfolio, you can track metrics like:

  • Clicks
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Engagement
  • And more
Klip Template | Buffer - Comments and Posts for LinkedIn (Last 30 Days)

Comments and Posts for LinkedIn (Last 30 Days)

Compare your LinkedIn posts to comments over the past 30 days.


Klip Template | LinkedIn - Engagement (Last 12 Months)

Engagement (Last 12 Months)

Discover important trends in your LinkedIn page engagement over the past 12 months.


See what else you can build for LinkedIn

Discover dashboard builder’s delight

Our HR customers love Klipfolio because it empowers them to build their own dashboards. Sure, it takes time to get it right, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Connecting your data

You’ve got an impressive technology stack, but how do those puzzle pieces fit together? Klipfolio is an API machine with 100s of connections to the human resource services you use to run your business.

Browse the 100+ services you can connect to

The Editor

Love to tinker and build but tired of using Excel to share your data? The Klip Editor is where you bring your data story to life. Build custom data visualizations that you can share with your entire company.

Custom visualizations

Drag-and-drop visualizations from the palette to start assembling your custom dashboard. Choose from standard data visualizations like charts, bullet charts, and scatter plots. Or get creative and inject custom HTML into your dashboard. The choice is yours.

Resources for HR professionals

As a human resource professional, you understand the importance of being data driven and keeping up-to-date on all the latest industry changes. Here are some resources to keep improving your talent management skills:

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