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Managing and building your data visualizations and dashboards to be actionable, dynamic, and meaningful isn't always easy, but the payback is astronomical.

With that notion in mind, we've developed tons of assets to help you ramp up on your capabilities within Klipfolio, making your journey to data champion that much faster and that much more enjoyable.

We also know that everyone learns differently. To make sure everyone has the best chance to succeed, we have our lessons and tutorials in multiple formats - everything from quick videos to day-by-day courses.

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Blogs and Tutorials

Designing dashboards - Building data visualizations - Connecting with your data - Deploying dashboards


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Learn how to build amazing dashboards for your team.

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Become a Klipfolio Certified Expert or Klipfolio Certified Partner.

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For Educators

Are you an educator? Use Klipfolio for free within an approved curriculum.

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We have hundreds of other helpful resources in our Support Centre and Knowledge Base! If you're looking for more direct help, send in a support ticket to one of our technical experts.