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See how Klipfolio can help you track your business metrics

2 Ways to Build Dashboards

In just a few clicks you can create real-time, custom dashboards for all of your metrics

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Become a Klipfolio expert with help from our tutorial videos

KlipStart for Google Analytics

In 3 minutes (yes, you read that right), Klipfolio will build you a real-time Google Analytics dashboard. It's been vetted by our community of marketing experts, and beautifully designed by our dashboard design team.

Klipfolio Dashboard for Marketers

What if all the metrics you cared about were available in a real-time, marketing dashboard? It's time to find out what your life would be like with a marketing dashboard from Klipfolio.

Webinar: Dashboard Overview

From data to dashboard, learn the basics of Klipfolio Dashboard.

Webinar: Drop-Down Menus

Learn how drop-down menus help you filter and sort data on your dashboard.

Webinar: Using Group and Groupby

Learn how to use the Group and Groupby functions to manipulate and organize data sets.

Webinar: Map Visualization

In this webinar, you will learn how to build maps for your dashboard.

Webinar: Advanced Functions & Logical Functions

Advanced functions: logical functions, LOOKUP and DATASOURCE

Webinar: Using Date and Time Functions

This webinar covers using date and time functions to properly and consistently format date strings.