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The Hidden Value of SaaS Sign Up Rate Benchmarks

Picture this: you know you’ve got an amazing product. Your website looks pretty good, last time...

Priyaanka Arora- February 10, 2021

25 Metrics to Track in a Product-Led SaaS Company

How to track performance in a product-led SaaS company with 25 key metrics.

Allan Wille- March 11, 2020

The metrics any SaaS software development team needs to monitor

Every software development team in SaaS monitors metrics. Here we dive into the metrics development...

Ali Pourshahid- October 16, 2019

Klipfolio helps Ascentis manage team performance using hard facts

Ascentis employees have become more ‘metrics-driven’ since the company started using Klipfolio....

Mitch Dupuis- August 20, 2019

Power your SaaS product reports with Klipfolio

Leveraging client accounts, dynamic data sources, company...

Juan Silva- October 17, 2018

The Ultimate Guide To Perfecting Your SaaS KPIs and Metrics

Like most data-driven minds, you’re on the lookout for more knowledge. Why? Because in the fast-...

Marisha Sesto- August 13, 2018

How the subscription business model is changing – and why SaaS companies should change with it

What’s the future of the subscription business model for SaaS companies? It’s a good model, and it’...

Allan Wille- October 20, 2017

True Trials: How we went beyond industry standards to develop our own, better metrics

Want to boost your win rate? Here's how true trials provided us with the meaningful metrics we...

Allan Wille- August 30, 2017

SaaS growth stage 101: control and fuel

The leaders of high-growth SaaS companies often talk about the simultaneous struggle to maintain...

Cameron Conaway- July 4, 2017

The key business metrics from 8 SaaS startup pitch decks

There’s always something special about a successful pitch deck, especially because it’s often the...

Jonathan Milne- June 20, 2018

Seasonality in a SaaS startup: How to fight summer slowdown

Do things slow down during the summer? For many businesses – yes. But that doesn’t mean yours...

Allan Wille- September 9, 2016

How and why we created a local discussion group for SaaS companies

We wanted to connect with other people in the software-as-a-service field in our city, but we...

Allan Wille- April 15, 2016

6 reasons every SaaS startup needs a customer retention dashboard

Every SaaS startup knows the importance of understanding their churn and customer retention numbers...

Trish Mermuys- April 5, 2016