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Turn sales into an exciting adventure with leaderboards

In the past years, Gamification has become the major tool of improving organizations’ overall...

Aleksandra Vetrova- January 23, 2019

How to build a Sales Team Leaderboard

Friendly competition and real-time monitoring? Yes please.

Marisha Sesto- June 19, 2018

The beginner's guide to ecommerce KPIs

The world of commerce has changed fundamentally over the last 20 years.

Mark Brownlee- June 4, 2018

The ultimate resources to help you master the art of CRM

CRM is a surefire way to manage your business. In this blog, we narrow down the top training...

Stef Reid- May 23, 2018

Nailing down B2B Sales KPIs that drive results like a boss

Creating KPIs for your sales team that are in-sync and supportive of organizational goals will...

Stef Reid- May 17, 2018

The magic of mashing plan data with actual results in your near realtime Klipfolio dashboard

A good plan spreadsheet answers the question, “How are we going to hit our company targets this...

Rupert Bonham-Carter- December 18, 2017

How I turned our company’s accounts receivable data into a dashboard that’s improving our business performance

I’m not an accountant or a bookkeeper. I’m a “Customer Loyalty Guru” at Klipfolio, which in the...

Mitch Dupuis- October 17, 2017

8 customer marketing KPIs all SaaS businesses should pay attention to

Successful customer marketing initiatives are critical, especially for SaaS businesses. Here are 8...

Valerie Hamilton- August 4, 2017

The death (and rebirth) of the salesman

Sales has undergone an evolution in recent decades. And this meant traditional salespeople had to...

Rupert Bonham-Carter- July 11, 2017

The 19 sales KPIs of modern sales teams

Modern sales teams are driven by a collaborative spirit and an awareness of metrics and KPIs. Here...

Katya Zeisig- July 3, 2017

12 sales metrics to kick-start your sales analytics

Do you have more control over your sales performance than before?
In this post, we’ll help you...

Katya Zeisig- February 20, 2018

Beyond Vanity Metrics: Net Promoter Score (NPS) & Customer Referral Rate (CRR)

Net Promoter Score can be a powerful KPI for your business if it incites action.

Jonathan Taylor- September 25, 2015

Are you spending too much money acquiring new customers?

Understanding how much a customer is worth to you over time is critically important to long-term...

Allan Wille- July 31, 2015

Why do customers leave? Listen to your numbers and act quickly.

Keeping customers is as important as getting new ones. If you can keep your existing customers -...

Allan Wille- June 19, 2015

The value of monitoring how prospects convert into paying customers

To succeed, a business needs to understand how they are performing. And that understanding is based...

Allan Wille- June 12, 2015