Organic Search Performance by Device (Last 30 Days)

Klip Template | Google Analytics - Organic Search Performance by Device

Metric Overview:

See which devices people are using to view your pages when they organically search.


Google Analytics Custom Dashboard

About this Klip

How people are coming to your pages and reading them make a huge difference in how you design your blogs, landing pages, and everything else on your website! Monitoring if people come in through mobile, desktop, or even tablet and how each of these devices change a user’s time on page, bounce rate, and goal conversions is a great way to see how your current design is doing and how your should be altering it for a better user experience.

About the visualization

If your mobile user count is high, but your goal conversions and time on page are low, consider re-optimizing your page design for mobile users. This problem is becoming increasingly popular as more and more individuals use their mobile devices to search and open links on social media.

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is your go-to service for measuring customer insights. Track your advertising ROI, traffic sources, campaign conversions, user paths, pageviews and the like.

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