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A guide to using psychographic data in your marketing strategy

Take your marketing strategy to the next level by using phychographic data to tap into the minds of...

Emil Kristensen- December 18, 2019

Implementing OKRs, faster, cheaper, better – and easier

The fastest, cheapest, best, and easiest path to OKR success is through motivating, educating and...

Brett Knowles- December 9, 2019

How to build an algorithm in 6 steps

Looking to build a algorithm for your business? Follow these 6 steps.

Erik van Dorp- October 28, 2019

7 steps to measure team performance using data

Here’s how to use data to manage team performance.

Matt Shealy- October 23, 2019

The mistakes companies make when setting KPIs

Avoid making these mistakes when setting your company KPIs.

Alan Price- September 27, 2019

Using website data to predict and avoid a hacker attack

When you notice an increase/decrease in website traffic, unusual visitors and traffic to your login...

Garry Brownrigg- September 16, 2019

Grow your business with these six live chat metrics

Keeping the following six live chat metrics top of mind will ensure your support team is focussing...

Yaakov Karda- August 19, 2019

Why building customer relationships is so important

Companies can’t simply rely on delivering a top-notch product or service anymore. Learn how to...

Jonathan Milne- October 1, 2019

6 Data Modeling Techniques For Better Business Intelligence

Boost your business results with the best data modeling techniques to gain key insights into what...

Jonathan Milne- September 9, 2019

7 SQL Query Performance Tuning Tips

Master the Art of Fine Tuning Your SQL Queries with these 7 actionable performance tuning tips.

Jonathan Milne- July 22, 2019

Becoming data-driven: Advice from 15 Klipfolio users

15 Klipfolio users have advice for organizations and individuals who are on the fence about...

Mitch Dupuis- July 19, 2019

A true no coding experience: Building a PowerMetric with BigQuery and Cervinodata in under two minutes

Klipfolio and Cervinodata for BigQuery are a perfect combination. Here's why.

Erik van Dorp- July 15, 2019

Using Data at Your Restaurant: Tips to Improve the Process

Use data properly at your restaurant. Tips to get started on improving your data usage.

Saleem Khatri- March 14, 2019

Why your company needs to invest in creating a clear vision

This is the first of three pieces on how to create a deliberate and measurable plan for...

Allan Wille- October 5, 2018

Google Sheets: Best practices to prepare your data for publishing in your dashboard

Depending of your business and the information systems that you use, your data can be in many...

Monique Almeida- October 23, 2017

3 simple rules for intuitive dashboard design

Great dashboard design is about far more than metrics and KPIs. Here are a few tips for building a...

Jonathan Taylor- July 26, 2017

Dashboard design: On comparison values

Colors and shapes may get all the attention, but comparison values are at the heart of meaningful...

Jonathan Taylor- July 18, 2017

Best practices for successful implementation of continuous delivery. Part 2

This is the second of three blog postings on the concept of continuous delivery. It’s an important...

Ali Pourshahid- March 29, 2017

Why every digital marketer needs to learn how to deploy marketing technology

Too often, we confuse marketing technology with marketing strategy. Whether we blame the messaging...

Jonathan Taylor- March 1, 2017

5 Killer Content Marketing Opportunities I’ll Bet You’re Missing (We Were Too)

Ever feel like your content marketing is as good as it's going to get? We did. Then we were shown...

Jonathan Taylor- November 16, 2016