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A collection of our most recent articles on Client Reporting

Digital Agency Tracks Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Clients with Klipfolio

Klipfolio allows digital ad agencies to connect to and build client reports using data in popular...

Mitch Dupuis- March 16, 2020

Klipfolio Data Heroes help automate real-time reporting at Curotec

After landing on Klipfolio as their dashboard solution of choice, Jason has found a way to use it...

Mitch Dupuis- September 9, 2019

Nakoa saves two hours a week per client on reporting with Klipfolio

Nakoa scaled Klipfolio and created dashboards for all of their clients. The dashboards include the...

Mitch Dupuis- August 8, 2019

Independent consultant moves the needle for his clients with Klipfolio

Independent consultant Excel vs. Klipfolio reporting

Mitch Dupuis- April 11, 2019

How we automated reporting for 50+ clients

A breakdown of Klipfolio vs. Tableau vs. Data Studio. Which is best for managing 50+ client reports.

Tommi Salenius- February 27, 2019

VuPulse is monitoring performance on-the-fly using real-time dashboards

All of their clients want to see their data differently and Klipfolio allows them build these...

Mitch Dupuis- January 22, 2019

Livedata.Mobi automates 250+ reports for 100+ clients with Klipfolio

In this partner spotlight, we learn about how Livedata.Mobi uses Klipfolio to power her business....

Mitch Dupuis- November 13, 2018

“My OKR Dashboard Made Me Famous!”: A Client Success Story

An OKR (Objectives and Key Results) client was excited about the results she and her organization...

Brett Knowles- October 22, 2018

Data Driven Agency Series Chapter 3: Leveraging the power of agency reporting

Dashboard reporting is a distinct way to offer more value than your competition. Dashboard...

Marisha Sesto- October 15, 2018

Klipfolio Partner How-To #2: Company Properties can simplify client set-up

It is a big benefit to maintain only one set of credentials in the parent that give access to the...

Stef Reid- July 31, 2018

Agency Reporting: Achieving More Together

Would you agree that working in an agency is organized creative, fun chaos? Here's how agency...

Marisha Sesto- July 24, 2018

Klipfolio Partner How-To #1: Duplicating dashboards across client accounts

We all know maintaining strong partnerships is crucial to a business’ success. Forming and...

Stef Reid- July 5, 2018

Drive results with dashboards: your clients’ success is your agency’s success

As an agency, monitoring the success of your clients is the bread and butter of your business; you...

Marisha Sesto- June 26, 2018

Client management in 5 steps

One of the benefits of Klipfolio's partner program is that you get access to the client management...

Jonathan Taylor- February 4, 2013