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SaaS KPIs: Which to focus on at each stage of your company's growth

They may sound obvious, but these words from Paul Graham, the co-founder of Viaweb and Y Combinator, have grown into a truism for startup founders:

“A startup is a company designed to grow fast.”

And if that startup is a SaaS (software as a service) company, Graham’s words could perhaps become “designed to grow really fast.”

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Day 3 at Social Media Marketing World 2017: The future and the fundamentals

ICYMI: Here's a glimpse we shared about how this event came to be, and here’s our Day 1 and Day 2 recaps.

How fitting it was to end the final day of Social Media Marketing World 2017 by casting our gaze into the future.

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Day 2 at Social Media Marketing World 2017: Social media takes teamwork

ICYMI: Here’s a glimpse we shared about how this event came to be, and here’s our Day 1 recap.

On the surface, the agenda for Day 2 here at Social Media Marketing World 2017 shimmered with the individual rockstars of social media marketing.

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Day 1 at Social Media Marketing World 2017: Yeah, but how’s your copywriting?

Hi everybody,

We are words and we matter.

Did you all forget?


For several weeks now I’ve known the agenda for Day 1 here at Social Media Marketing World 2017. I may have even had it memorized.

But watching a particular string of two sessions come together (beautifully, I must say) still felt shocking.

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Top Takeaways from the 2017 Gartner Data & Analytics Conference in Texas

Last week, in Grapevine Texas, Gartner hosted its annual lovefest for over 3,000 data and analytics professionals from mostly large global companies and from the 60+ vendors exhibiting at the show.

Gartner is a major information technology research and advisory company, and there is really nothing small or mid-sized about the firm’s annual flagship conference for the business intelligence community.

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How to set up the Google Analytics-Search Console Integration + 3 key SEO benefits

When the Google Analytics-Search Console integration was announced in May 2016, I was pretty excited. Like many SEOs, I saw the steady retreat of rich keyword data in my Google Analytics account and the rise of keyword (not provided). We gathered around the funeral pyre, declared SEO dead (an SEOs favourite pastime), and figured out new ways to be good at our job.

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The 5 most important help desk KPIs

Discussions around help desks typically take one of two directions. They either discuss the “soft” best practices (such as conveying your company’s culture through tone) or they go down the rabbit hole of which help desk software is best.

While both are undoubtedly important, those best practices and software tools can’t make up for a lack of understanding around help desk key performance indicators (KPIs).

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How to Track Facebook Ads in Google Analytics

Tracking your Facebook Ads in Google Analytics allows you to improve attribution from an individual ad or ad set all the way through to a conversion. And it couldn't be easier. These are the steps to track your Facebook Ads in Google Analytics.

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Facebook Ads Strategy: Understanding Ad Frequency

You think you’ve done everything right, yet your Facebook Ad campaign is heading towards disaster. Your cost-per-action metric is soaring with no end in sight. What’s galling is that almost all your other Facebook metrics are looking good: landing page conversion rates are steady, reach and impressions haven’t changed, and your campaigns are still spending budget.

Sound familiar? I bet you’re a victim of high Ad Frequency.

What is Ad Frequency? It is the average number of times someone has seen your ad. The calculation is simple: Impressions / Reach = Ad Frequency

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Why every digital marketer needs to learn how to deploy marketing technology

Too often, we confuse marketing technology with marketing strategy. Whether we blame the messaging of technology vendors or the pressure put on digital marketers to constantly innovate, we've all been victims of poorly executed software deployment.

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