2 examples of world-class customer service: Encha and XFINITY

2 examples of world-class customer service: Encha and XFINITY

Customer service is more often expected than deeply appreciated, but even when it's appreciated it's rarely publicly acknowledged.

So here goes.

I recently had two incredible customer service experiences. And they came from companies that, on the surface, are worlds apart from each other.

Encha is a sustainably-grown organic matcha company of just a few employees.

XFINITY is a brand of Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, a global media and technology company with (according to LinkedIn) over 38,000 employees.

Both, however, delivered the kind of remarkable customer service that can turn product users into brand ambassadors.


customer service from Encha matcha

Encha's organic matcha is best-in-class. The founder, Dr. Li Gong, quit his comfortable Silicon Valley VP job to work directly with an organic matcha farm in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. The result? A truly farm-to-cup matcha that is arguably the world’s only exclusively-organic matcha brand.

As a former coffee fanatic, I found that matcha offered a far steadier state of heightened awareness that fueled my writing and meditation practices.

Encha's customer service

customer service letter from Encha

It often goes without saying, but I'm a big believer in this truism:

Customer service begins with offering a great product.

Above all else, that is the way to truly service a customer.

However, Encha went well beyond that. My wife and I's names were written on the inside of each box and they included a hand-written letter addressed to my wife and I, wishing her well in a surgery I had only briefly mentioned in an email correspondence with the founder.

We at once felt excited because we were stocked up on Encha and like the company legitimately cared about us as people. I can't stress enough how incredible this made us feel.

The lesson: Personalizing customer service, when possible, can turn a fan into an ambassador.


xfinity wifi customer service example

I've been a customer of XFINITY WiFi for years—and even remained a customer when I moved from Philadelphia to San Francisco.

As mentioned earlier, what kept me was that they offered a great product. The reliability and price point of their WiFi has always met my demands (and as a remote worker I often have high WiFi demands).

Still, part of making the move to San Francisco meant troubleshooting a few issues. I had a fantastic call with an XFINITY customer service rep during which all of my questions were answered. To be honest (and as I stated in the opening line), I expected that.

XFINITY's customer service

But it was an expectation that grew into appreciation, so I took to Twitter to acknowledge their effort:

customer service in a tweet

A "Thanks, Cameron!" would have cut it. But they went beyond.

They checked out my bio, in which I mention that I'm a poet.

And then they crafted their response into a haiku:

xfinity's customer service on twitter

Talk about making a customer feel appreciated!

XFINITY not only provided the traditional troubleshooting-type of customer service, but they also provided the personalized fan-to-ambassador type of customer service that all companies would do well to focus a bit more on.

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