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Accelerate your career: get promoted with your dashboard!

Accelerate your career

What’s the point of putting all that time and effort into bringing all of your company’s data sources together onto a single dashboard? As the person with the data, you'll gain recognition and put yourself on track for a promotion.

Success Story

Let’s start with a success story from one of our customers, a marketing analyst who we’ll call Simon.

Simon started small, focusing his first dashboard project on the needs of his marketing team. They loved it and shared it extensively. As the dashboard trickled over to the C-suite, he was called in to his CMO’s office for a productive chat about helping the executives of his company communicate better. With Simon's help, a new, executive-focused dashboard was created with an overwhelmingly positive reception.

The question is, without working on the dashboard project, would our customer have had the opportunity to work so closely with the CMO? Since his first project, he’s now getting recognition as the guy who owns all of the data. He’s taking on more responsibility, on a fast-track for a promotion, and challenging his organization to be more data-driven.

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5 tips for using dashboards to accelerate your career

By giving your colleagues quick and easy access to data intelligence, you're helping everyone make informed decisions. Let's explore five ways for you to get noticed with your dashboard and ultimately re-invent your organization's culture.

1. Dynamic presentations avoid PowerPoint fatigue

“There are two goals when presenting data: convey your story and establish credibility.” - Edward Tufte

Executives always get inspired when seeing a concise version of their data and discover that they can use it in key decision-making. After your dashboard-driven presentation, execs will request that you create more data visualizations on topics of interest to them. By sharing the interactive dashboard, you keep the conversation going and prevent your presentation from withering away in PowerPoint purgatory.

2. Keep your executive team informed with mobile reporting

So you want to be an indispensable C-suite superhero? Use your corporate superpower: your dashboard.

C-suite executives are often on the road and require quick access to the status of their company. Executives like to manage by exception -- your task is to make it incredibly obvious what's going wrong so that they can adjust course and keep the company on track for success.

3. Become a trusted advisor

Most organizations have more data than they can handle; much of it is inconsistently defined and unsuitably captured. As the person who owns the simplification of data, you’ll fall into the ‘trusted advisor’ role and help executives make sense of all that data surrounding the company. As the trusted advisor, you'll join the ranks of the movers and shakers of your organization.

4. Develop rapport among colleagues

Get noticed by creating a collaborative, data-driven culture. How would you do this, you ask? Roll out your dashboard around the office: use TVs to show departmental info, schedule e-mails of relevant data visualizations, provide PDF copies and present your dashboard during board meetings. Data is an awesome foundation for creating inter-departmental conversations -- best of all, you’ll be the one getting credit for this cultural shift.

5. Wow your team with appealing reporting

Businesses are required to process and analyze large volumes of data. Because it is a challenge to glean meaningful insights from raw data and traditional reporting methods, interactive visuals make a huge difference.

Dashboards consolidate everyone’s data reporting needs into one place. More than that, a visually appealing dashboard makes monitoring data a pleasure and will encourage everyone to use the data you display. Make data monitoring a positive experience, rather than boring your team with another status report or Excel spreadsheet. Learn more: Excel dashboard

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