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Allan Wille on DM Radio - Broadcast now available for download

Just in case you missed it (or want to listen to it again), Klipfolio's Allan Wille was on DM Radio to discuss "User Experience and the Evolution of Mobile Apps" along with panelists from the industry. The topic centered on mobile business intelligence (BI) and how user expectations impact the products put forth by vendors. After all, business users accessing their mobile BI on an iPhone expect the same ease-of-use as checking their Facebook, Twitter, or playing some Angry Birds.

I thought Allan made a really good point in his segment when he pointed out that despite the hype around big data, mobile users might not really be interested in analytical data on-the-go. Rather, Allan points out, checking operational or "small" data on your mobile device is more practical and relevant to the use-case of a remote worker. Host Eric Kavanagh agreed and made this Tweet:

Klipfolio - Customer Tweet

The show is now available at DM Radio Broadcast Central.


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