Why I Joined Klipfolio

At the beginning of a new year I usually think through what I want to keep the same and what I want to improve or change in my personal and work life. But in January 2014 I was feeling unusually reflective, because I had hit my 25th year at Cognos/IBM and I was coming into a milestone birthday year (good for you - you did the math :-)).

As I reflected on how I felt about these two milestones, what I kept coming back to was the thought that I had not checked one major item off my career “bucket list” -- and, it was something I had been thinking about since I was in my twenties -- and that was to join a start-up and help it grow into a ridiculously successful business.

A few months went by and that thought got louder and louder. And finally I decided to act on it and put June as a stake in the ground for my departure from IBM.

Putting the stake in the ground was the easy part. The hard part was coming to terms with leaving a fantastic career, the colleagues who had grown to be personal friends and the enterprise software world I had know for 25 years for a yet-to-be-found start-up. Particularly since I was not looking for just any start-up. I had a wish list: it had to be one that had a product that customers and employees loved. It had to be one that was rapidly growing with a dynamic, open and strong  leadership team. And it had to be one that had the opportunity to rapidly accelerate its growth with marketing.

After winding things up at IBM I began my search for that start-up in earnest. And that is when Bernie Zeisig, an investor in Klipfolio and a longtime friend of mine, got the conversation going between Allan Wille (CEO, Klipfolio) and I.  I quickly found that it met all the criteria I had for my ideal start-up and it was part of a space, Analytics, that I know well and love.

So here I am 2 weeks into the job, drinking from a fire-hose and completely smitten.

I have lots of observations to share from my two weeks onboard but I’ll save that for my next blog.