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Why is a business dashboard company building a Super Bowl dashboard?

A lot of us at the office like football. We know a lot of people outside our office also like football, and will be watching the “big game”. So we decided to mobilize our software to build the ULTIMATE real-time “Big Game Dashboard”, complete with pre-game, in-game and post game stats, fan and media commentary, fun facts, betting lines, and social sentiment surrounding the half-time show and commercial ads.

Klipfolio Dashboard | Big Game Dashboard

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While this dashboard wasn’t incredibly difficult to build with a number of amazing software integrations at our disposal (namely Talkwalker, Moz and Trendspottr), it wasn’t something we could build on a whim, and “we like football” wasn’t a pitch that was going to get the project greenlit by our CMO.

So why did this project get the green light? Phrased another way, why would a business dashboard company build a “Big Game” dashboard?

Here’s the short answer:

1. We’re re in the business of bringing data to life;
2. It can be challenging to convey the value of real-time business dashboards to those with little or no experience using them;
3. Bringing data surrounding the “big game” to life is a way to showcase the power and potential of business dashboards in a more accessible, more relatable way.

We see the value that business dashboards can create for a wide variety of people and businesses everyday. We see dashboards enhancing the performance of marketers, sales and support reps, tech professionals, data and financial analysts, supply chain managers and Execs. We see them used by agencies and consultancies, NGOs and health organizations, growing startups and mature enterprises. And we see them driving business growth.

But despite the many benefits and growing adoption rate, business dashboards are not as common as they should be, and their value is not intuitive to everyone.

Enter our “Big Game Dashboard”. It’s our effort to make the power and possibilities of dashboards more accessible, and more relatable, to more people.

Our hope is that non-business dashboards like this (we also published public dashboards surrounding the MLB trade deadline, the GOP debates and the Canadian election in 2015) get professionals thinking about the power and potential of Klipfolio dashboards, to help them excel in their business roles, and to drive the growth of their companies.


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