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At Klipfolio, we believe in continuously learning and in continuously sharing what we learn. Our four blogs each offer a different focus— Happy Dashboarding offers advice on building world-class dashboards; Mindful Metrics provides insight on metrics and KPIs; Startup Founder is where our founder shares his thoughts; and Klipfolio Labs is where our dev team shares their wisdom about agile development and productivity.

Startup Founder

Why you need to own your mistakes

By Allan WilleJuly 8, 2016

Startup Founder

Why entrepreneurs need to persevere

By Allan WilleJune 24, 2016

Klipfolio Blog | Airtame Transparency Revolution

Mindful Metrics

The transparency revolution

By Steffen Hedebrandt, Head of Marketing, AirtameMay 19, 2016

health and fitness hacks for your workday

Mindful Metrics

Health and Fitness Hacks for Your Workday

By Danielle PoleskiMay 18, 2016

A Software Development Manifesto

Klipfolio Labs

A Software Development Manifesto

By Ali PourshahidApril 28, 2016