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At Klipfolio, we believe in continuously learning and in continuously sharing what we learn. Our four blogs each offer a different focus— Happy Dashboarding offers advice on building world-class dashboards; Mindful Metrics provides insight on metrics and KPIs; Startup Founder is where our founder shares his thoughts; and Klipfolio Labs is where our dev team shares their wisdom about agile development and productivity.

Best Web Analytics Tools

Mindful Metrics

Best Web Analytics Tools List

By Jonathan MilneOctober 10, 2018

Best Team Collaboration Tools

Mindful Metrics

Best Team Collaboration Tools List

By Jonathan MilneOctober 5, 2018

Best Event Management Software

Mindful Metrics

Best Event Management Software List

By Jonathan MilneOctober 4, 2018

Best Low Cost CRM Software

Mindful Metrics

Top 10 Best CRM Software solutions

By Jonathan MilneOctober 3, 2018

Make Better Decisions

Happy Dashboarding

How smart businesses are making better decisions

By Alastair BarlowSeptember 27, 2018

okr dashboard blog header

Happy Dashboarding

The Fundamental Klipfolio OKR Dashboard

By Ben MulhollandSeptember 26, 2018

team working together

Mindful Metrics

Get the HR into OKRs

By Brett KnowlesSeptember 19, 2018

Mindful Metrics

Get the HR out of OKRs

By Brett KnowlesSeptember 19, 2018

Design the Right Dashboard

Happy Dashboarding

Designing the Right Dashboard

By Dimitris VogiatzisSeptember 13, 2018

Happy Dashboarding

The Real Time Strategy Dashboard

By Brett KnowlesSeptember 6, 2018

2020 business dashboard header

Happy Dashboarding

Making the 2020 Business Dashboard

By Brett KnowlesSeptember 5, 2018