Welcome to our new blog, The Dashboard Journey Guide for Marketers

Dashboard journey guide for marketers

In this blog we’ll, (myself, Jon Taylor our Digital Marketing lead, and a series of guest bloggers), share opinions, best practices, tips and techniques, and assets that will help you on all points of your dashboard journey. We’ll also share the expertise of our partners, customers, and industry experts. And lastly we’ll share the learnings from our own dashboard journey – both the successes and the failures.

Here is the type of content you can expect from this blog:

  • A SaaS marketer's dashboard journey
  • Why marketers need dashboards
  • Marketing KPIs and metrics defined
  • Tips & techniques for building crazy effective marketing dashboards

My aim is for this blog to be a trusty companion for your journey. If you have suggestions for how it can be better or for new content, such as digital marketing KPIs you would like featured, let me know either in the comments below, DM on Twitter @mollotm or email me at mychelle.mollot@klipfolio.com