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What is International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is dedicated to celebrating all women around the world. This awareness initiative is a call-to-action to move towards gender parity and to recognize women for their social, economic, cultural and political contributions to society 1. Here at Klipfolio, we want to highlight the women in our team that contribute to our success daily. From our fresh new faces to our senior management team, our female coworkers are absolute superstars.

The stats

While Canada is breaking tech barriers through innovation, it’s no secret that the tech industry itself has a distinct lack of women in it’s employment. Statistics Canada estimates that women only make up 22% of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) workforce 2, despite an approximate share of 39% of STEM degrees and 66% of non-STEM degrees going to female graduates 3. In a survey of over 900 tech-based Canadian companies, females only made up 13% of the executive teams, hold only 8% of director roles, and almost three quarters of them have no females on their boards 4. Now, this isn’t only an issue about representation (though it is a big one), it’s also an issue about company success and longevity. Any group outside the majority can bring an endless supply of knowledge and perspectives to the table that can help make a company successful.

What is Klipfolio doing?

To recognize and pay tribute to all of our amazing women working for Klipfolio, we gathered short bios from some of our staff and will be tweeting them out through March 8th. We want to highlight their importance to our teams, while also helping to spread the word on the International Women’s Day campaign and gender parity.

Without further ado…

Meet our women in tech!

I can say wholeheartedly that the women in Klipfolio are intelligent, hardworking individuals with extensive knowledge in their respective fields – In fact, I could easily write a full essay on all of their achievements! Instead, we’re putting a spotlight on what makes each of us unique individuals both personally and professionally.

It’s a team effort

All of the women we’re highlighting today, including those Klipfolians who were unable to participate as they were simply too passionate to take any time away from working on our product, are the faces that have helped make Klipfolio what it is today.

I am a firm believer that we can only move forward if we move forward together, not just with gender parity, but also with racial and cultural diversity. Klipfolio CEO and Co-Founder, Allan Wille, also recognizes that diversity and inclusion are key, though they are often difficult to get right. In a blog post, aptly titled Why diversity and inclusion are so hard to get right, Allan speaks about Klipfolio’s efforts and challenges in creating a diversified workforce and how the job is never done.

Do you see yourself working with us? Check out our Careers page to see if we have a position for you!

1 If you want to read more about International Women’s Day, visit their website:

2 Women In Tech: There Is No Limit

3 Statistics Canada

4 The Globe and Mail - Canada’s tech sector gender gap


Originally published March 8, 2018, updated Oct, 08 2019

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