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Klipfolio Dashboard makes waves at iOpener 2011

Klipfolio Dashboard makes waves at iOpener 2011

Klipfolio CEO Allan Wille and CTO James Scott presenters at iOpener 2011 conference.

Last month, Klipfolio was represented at the iOpener 2011 conference by CEO Allan Wille and CTO James Scott. At the top of the agenda was the impact of mobility and the cloud on emergent technology. Klipfolio took the opportunity to showcase Klipfolio Dashboard, a business dashboard. By demonstrating how easy it was to set up a dashboard on mobile devices like the iPad, Klipfolio was able to demonstrate its thought leadership. Actually, Klipfolio Dashboard stole the show!

"By adopting technology that is hosted in the cloud, we are able to bring a hitherto unknown degree of mobility to the software we depend on," Klipfolio's CEO and President Allan Wille says. "Mobility and the cloud isn't just about the convenience of accessing your Klipfolio - Allan Willesoftware and data on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device. It is about being able to effectively complete the same type of tasks on your mobile device as you do on your desktop."

The organizers of the event, i.c.stars (Inner City Computer Stars), are dedicated to providing opportunities for low-income young adults to break into the technology business. "This is a great program for helping motivated young people gain a foothold in the IT sector," Klipfolio's CTO James Scott says. "...one that we were proud to sponsor."


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