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Klipfolio's Top 5 News Makers - #1. Web and mobile launch

Klipfolio's Top 5 News Makers - #1. Web and mobile launch

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Headline: Klipfolio Dashboard for web and mobile readies for general availability (Sep 14)

Headline: Klipfolio Dashboard for Web and Mobile Launches (Sep 27)

Headline: Branding is Here - Klipfolio Dashboard Gets Requested Feature and Significant Update (Dec 05)

Headline: Mobile BI Dashboard Extends Support for Facebook API (Dec 20)


No surprises here. The launch of Klipfolio Dashboard web and mobile is the top news maker for 2011. As you can tell by the volume of headlines dedicated to the launch and subsequent feature-adds, this story simply has to be #1. But it isn't just the press dedicated to this event that made it so special. It was the year-long alpha and six month beta where we worked with the largest and most security conscious organizations in the world to get Klipfolio Dashboard up to the starting line. I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when our launch turned out to be a huge success. (See #2. Big wins, new customers)


The sub-plot of this story has been the ongoing development of our mobile BI dashboard. We love customer feedback, and provide an awesome forum where users can submit and vote on new ideas. This feedback drives the development of new features. Among the biggest feature-adds this year is the new Facebook connector, allowing you to access your feed and insights. Expect many more great new features coming in 2012!

Extra! Extra!

Okay, so you probably already know that we really like to show off our products using video. The launch was no different, and we took the opportunity to show off what the mobile dashboard can do. If you are curious about Klipfolio Dashboard web and mobile, then check out this playlist to see what Klipfolio Dashboard can do!


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