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The Power of Words

In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, companies are taking a step back to consider...

Holly Ebbs- August 12, 2020

Six Tips to Stage your Company with Confidence

Preparing to sell your company is not dissimilar to preparing your company to attract investors… |...

Mike Pascoe- June 30, 2020

How Business Analytics Can Set Your SMB Up for Success in 2020

Here’s how committing to a business analytics program can set your company up for success in 2020.

Matt Shealy- February 13, 2020

7 steps to measure team performance using data

Here’s how to use data to manage team performance.

Matt Shealy- October 23, 2019

Seven tips for maximizing the benefits of KPIs

Are your KPIs telling you what you need to know? Are you wasting valuable time and effort...

Allan Wille- June 10, 2019

3 Key Financial Reports to Understand as Your Business Grows

Looking to build financial reports? Here are the 'Big Three'.

Jody Grunden- May 22, 2019

Mastering the funnel: Mapping your customer’s journey to revenue growth

Don’t rely on past performance when planning for future growth. Give yourself more control over the...

Allan Wille- April 12, 2019

Wicket is empowering data-informed decisions with Klipfolio

Dashboards for Association Management Software

Mitch Dupuis- April 3, 2019

Why you need to build a culture of innovation in your company

Are you missing the boat when it comes to innovation? Creating a culture of innovation within your...

Allan Wille- March 22, 2019

How to use burndown charts to manage agile software releases

Having trouble meeting deadlines and quality at the same time? Burndown charts are a useful tool...

Ali Pourshahid- January 10, 2019

Moving to a new office, Part II: Lessons learned

A year ago, co-founders Allan Wille and Peter Matthews wrote about how they prepared to move the...

Allan Wille- December 18, 2018

The road from vision to reality

Having trouble reaching your corporate goals? You can’t improvise when it comes to planning. Here...

Allan Wille- November 30, 2018

How we use our yearly planning cycle to grow our company

Is your company falling short of its goals? Having a work plan created during a regular annual...

Allan Wille- November 12, 2018

Why your company needs to invest in creating a clear vision

This is the first of three pieces on how to create a deliberate and measurable plan for...

Allan Wille- October 5, 2018

How smart businesses are making better decisions

Data visualization applications such as Klipfolio are transforming the way in which we view, and...

Alastair Barlow- September 27, 2018

How to lead from the bottom on making your company data-driven

Many people think that becoming “data-driven” is as simple as implementing a tool like Google...

Mark Brownlee- November 27, 2017

15 reasons why you should join our team at Klipfolio

Work with extremely smart, equally nice, and collaborative people, as well as a group of down-to-...

Ali Pourshahid- November 21, 2017

Thriving in a tempest: What we learned about product management during Klipfolio’s start-up phase

Start-ups are by definition small, and almost invariably everyone is too focused on making a go of...

Scott Lawrence- October 31, 2017

4 Lessons Jobber Learned While Growing Their Marketing Team

At Jobber, we understand that our customers have a lot on their plates. They’re running fast-paced...

Moly Milosovic- September 20, 2017

Resistance is fertile: On slow content for anxious startups

Startups, writes Paul Graham, "are designed to grow fast." But slow content is often the best for...

Mark Brownlee- July 23, 2017