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At Klipfolio, we believe in continuously learning and in continuously sharing what we learn. Our four blogs each offer a different focus— Happy Dashboarding offers advice on building world-class dashboards; Mindful Metrics provides insight on metrics and KPIs; Startup Founder is where our founder shares his thoughts; and Klipfolio Labs is where our dev team shares their wisdom about agile development and productivity.

Mindful Metrics

Identifying the right ABM metrics

By Mark BrownleeMay 30, 2018


Mindful Metrics

Essential ABM metrics

By Mark BrownleeMay 29, 2018

ABM measurement tools discussion

Mindful Metrics

ABM measurement tools

By Mark BrownleeMay 25, 2018

Klipfolio | International Women's Day

Happy Dashboarding

International Women's Day

By Katya ZeisigMarch 8, 2018

salesforce dashboard

Happy Dashboarding

How to build a Salesforce TV dashboard

By Jonathan TaylorMarch 2, 2018

Mindful Metrics

Supercharge your KPIs with OKRs

By Mark BrownleeJanuary 26, 2018

Mindful Metrics

Your guide to KPIs for non-profits

By Mark BrownleeJanuary 23, 2018

Anatomy of a Great API

Klipfolio Labs

Anatomy of a great API

By Danielle Hodgson, Natalia CastilloDecember 22, 2017

Happy Dashboarding

4 Steps to Designing a Dashboard That Inspires Action

By Mitch Dupuis, Nikta KanukaDecember 20, 2017