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What is a TV dashboard?

A TV dashboard displays key business metrics in real-time on a television or wallboard....

Emily Hayward- March 31, 2021

Misleading Statistics & Data: How To Protect Yourself Against Bad Statistics

Can you spot these misleading statistics in your analytics and data visualizations?

Hassan Ud-deen- March 30, 2020

How to quickly build a HubSpot lead funnel for Marketers

A HubSpot lead funnel with the sole intent of making you a more data-driven Marketer

Mitch Dupuis- March 20, 2020

7 steps to measure team performance using data

Here’s how to use data to manage team performance.

Matt Shealy- October 23, 2019

The mistakes companies make when setting KPIs

Avoid making these mistakes when setting your company KPIs.

Alan Price- September 27, 2019

GCS improves accountability across every department with Klipfolio

Klipfolio is used by GCS leaders and execs to answer the questions ‘How soon can we get this...

Mitch Dupuis- August 12, 2019

Seven tips for maximizing the benefits of KPIs

Are your KPIs telling you what you need to know? Are you wasting valuable time and effort...

Allan Wille- June 10, 2019

Summit CPA streamlines their processes and client deliverables with Klipfolio

Dashboards and reports geared towards Virtual CFOs.

Mitch Dupuis- June 5, 2019

Comet monitors marketing and growth KPIs using TV wallboards

TV dashbaords provide real-time analytics at a glance.

Mitch Dupuis- April 22, 2019

How Qualtry connected ActiveCampaign to track everything marketing

Klipfolio helps Qulatry know if they are on track to meeting monthly goals.

Mitch Dupuis- January 14, 2019

Disciple Media streamlines their sales journey and customer experience with Klipfolio

Disciple is a community media platform that makes it easy for brands, businesses and entrepreneurs...

Mitch Dupuis- November 5, 2018

Objectives and key results: OKR is a performance management tool that works

The OKR system is a performance tool that sets, communicates, and monitors goals in an organization...

Ali Pourshahid- October 17, 2018

Power your SaaS product reports with Klipfolio

Leveraging client accounts, dynamic data sources, company...

Juan Silva- October 17, 2018

Best Free Online Project Management Software Tool

What is project management? Use this guide to find out everything you need to know about the best...

Jonathan Milne- October 11, 2018

Supercharge your KPIs with OKRs

If you’ve read this blog at all over the past few years, you’ll know that we are smitten with key...

Mark Brownlee- January 26, 2018

Customer Spotlight: See how bakerMEN use Klipfolio to create 100 reports in less than two days

Tim Ceuppens is an Online Marketer at bakerMEN, a certified Klipfolio Partner from Belgium. His...

Valerie Hamilton- December 12, 2017

Use Klipfolio to Track Your Twitter Data

One of the things that has often been requested of Klipfolio is getting historical data for a...

Joshua Cohen-Collier- December 19, 2017

How I turned our company’s accounts receivable data into a dashboard that’s improving our business performance

I’m not an accountant or a bookkeeper. I’m a “Customer Loyalty Guru” at Klipfolio, which in the...

Mitch Dupuis- October 17, 2017

The top Salesforce reporting tools

There are severe limitations to reporting within Salesforce. Here's a glimpse into the top...

Jonathan Taylor- September 2, 2017

When it comes to business dashboards, let the metrics drive

Are you metrics-driven or driven-by-metrics? Versature's Tyler Cooper believes there's an important...

Tyler Cooper- August 24, 2017