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It’s no secret that startups have a lot on their plate. Breaking into an industry can be tough, so it’s important that no key performance data points go unnoticed. But with all that data coming in, and hardly any time to spare, how can startups make sure they are on top of the right data?

This is where dashboards come in. With powerful, dynamic visualizations, monitoring your data no longer has to be a challenge. Klipfolio dashboards connect with virtually any data source behind your business, allowing you real-time visibility into the product, growth and efficiency metrics that signal the health of your business in every aspect.

Startup dashboard examples

Curious to see what you can track in Klipfolio? Here are just a few examples of the dashboards you can build that will help you grow your startup. View the Live Dashboard examples to get a better look.

Klipfolio - MRR Accounts Dashboard

MRR & Accounts Dashboard

  • Consolidate all your account and MRR data
  • Track account performances over time
  • Manage and gain a view into activity trends and growth over time
Klipfolio - Google Analytics Daily Overview Dashboard

Google Analytics Daily Dashboard

  • Monitor today's major traffic drivers and sources
  • Track goal completions
  • Gain insight on top performing pages

Metrics for Startups

Want to motivate your team and stay up to date on your data, but not sure which metrics to start with? Not to worry, we've compiled a list of common startup KPIs (key performance indicators) our users have built using Klipfolio. If you are looking for more, check out our KPI Library:

  1. Net MRR
  2. MRR Expansion Rate
  3. Net Promoter Score
  4. Customer Acquisition Cost
  5. Customer Lifetime Value
  6. Customer Churn
  7. Funnel Conversion Rate
  8. Customers by Category
  9. Revenue YTD
  10. Net Profit Margin
  11. Debt-to-Equity
  12. Top Accounts

Want some more information on Startup metrics? Consider reading these helpful blog posts on selecting the right KPIs to be monitoring:

klipfolio - marketing metrics connections

How to track your not for profit metrics with Klipfolio

Klipfolio allows you to pull in data from all of the platforms you use to track your charitable organization's data—and display precisely what you need in a single interactive dashboard. What does this mean for you? No more wasting precious time manually checking and rechecking reports with various versions of dynamic data. And you can get started with just a few clicks. Click here for a complete list of all our integrations.

Pre-built Metrics

Using pre-built metrics

Our Klip Gallery allows you to track your key metrics with just a few clicks, wihtout the hassle of building. You can get the Klips that matter most to your business right from our Gallery to your dashboard in minutes.

  • klipfolio - xero
  • klipfolio - salesforce
  • klipfolio - excel

Google Analytics

Are you using Google Analytics to track on-site data? Connect your account with Klipfolio and easily track key metrics in a dashboard that's easy to share. In Klipfolio, you can track metrics like:

  • Campaign Stats
  • Sessions by Region
  • Keyword Performance
  • Traffic Channels
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Website Performance
  • Top Posts by Conversions
  • Landing Page Views
  • Organic Search Performance

See what else you can build for Google Analytics


Are you an Salesforce user? Connect your account to Klipfolio to easily monitor your professional services performance in a real-time dashboard. Easily share the dashboard with your team and rally around your numbers. With Klipfolio you can track:

  • Open Opportunities
  • Sales this Month
  • Leads vs Mentions
  • Conversion Funnel
  • Accounts by Type
  • Open Opportunities by Stage
Klip Template | Salesforce - Open Opportunites (This Year)

Open Opportunites (This Year)

Track your key metrics on open opportunities and always know what your sales potential is.


Klip Template | Salesforce - Sales This Month

Sales This Month

Monitor your sales this month and compare to the average of the last three months.


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Using Excel to collaborate, edit, and organize your data? Connecting your data to a dashboard gives you instant access to your must-have metrics. With Klipfolio you can track metrics like:

  • Retention and Expansion
  • Qualified Lead to Win Conversion Rate
  • Monthly Account Retention Rate
  • Lead Value
  • Customer Lifetime Value
Klip Template | Excel - MRR Retention / Expansion Rate

Sample: MRR Retention / Expansion Rate

Monitor the health of your business as it grows and retains customers, and at the same time, compare with the historical trend.


Klip Template | Excel - Sample - Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value

The longer customers stick with you, the more valuable they are. Monitor Customer Lifetime Value, and at the same time, compare with the historical trend.


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Building in Klipfolio

Our professional services users love Klipfolio because it empowers them to build their own dashboards. Sure, it takes time to get it right, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Connecting your data

You’ve got an impressive technology stack, but how do those puzzle pieces fit together? Klipfolio is an API machine with 100s of connections to the support services you use to run your business.

Browse the 100+ services you can connect to

The Editor

Love to tinker and build but tired of using Excel to share your data? The Klip Editor is where you bring your data story to life. Build custom data visualizations that you can share with your entire company.

Custom visualizations

Drag-and-drop visualizations from the palette to start assembling your custom dashboard. Choose from standard data visualizations like charts, bullet charts, and scatter plots. Or get creative and inject custom HTML into your dashboard. The choice is yours.

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