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The Starter Guide to Data Visualizations

This article is part of our Starter Guide series.

Emily Hayward- October 6, 2021

What is a TV dashboard?

A TV dashboard displays key business metrics in real-time on a television or wallboard....

Emily Hayward- March 31, 2021

COVID-19: A dashboard for exploring historical data about the virus

Your COVID-19 dashboard powered by Klipfolio. Bookmarks this link to a dashboard with historical...

David Mennie- March 23, 2020

Become a better CFO with these three metrics

If you want to become a better CFO, use the following metrics to help tell a story.

Jody Grunden- October 18, 2019

Cervinodata’s 5-year partnership with Klipfolio leads to 1200% growth

Cervino uses Klipfolio in two ways: for internal reporting and for managing their client reporting.

Mitch Dupuis- August 26, 2019

Salesforce Training Resources 101: The Basics that You Need to Know

Looking to become a Saleforce expert? Get the lowdown on what you need to know about becoming an...

Jonathan Milne- September 25, 2019

Becoming data-driven: Advice from 15 Klipfolio users

15 Klipfolio users have advice for organizations and individuals who are on the fence about...

Mitch Dupuis- July 19, 2019

Reach company goals faster with leading and lagging indicators

It comes as no surprise that there is no cookie cutter approach to tracking your company’s success...

Stef Reid- April 9, 2019

It's not about the database. It's about you. The biggest Klipfolio update ever.

To help everyday people succeed with data, Klipfolio has implemented it's biggest update ever:...

Allan Wille- February 6, 2019

How (and when) to create a custom metric

Commonly-used metrics do the trick most of the time. But no business is completely like another....

Mark Brownlee- January 23, 2019

Side hustle metrics: What you need to consider for side hustle success

Running your side hustle is different than most other businesses. Use these side hustle metrics to...

Mark Brownlee- January 21, 2019

How to use burndown charts to manage agile software releases

Having trouble meeting deadlines and quality at the same time? Burndown charts are a useful tool...

Ali Pourshahid- January 10, 2019

Landing page metrics and the 5 stories they tell

Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media often says, "If your website were a city, there would be a highway...

Jonathan Milne- May 2, 2017

How to get the most out of your data with the right dashboard display

There are a number of ways to display dashboards in an office, however not all may be ideal for...

Jonathan Taylor- August 23, 2016

Klipfolio gets cozy with Plotly

In this article, we show how Klipfolio integrates with the Plotly visualization library.

Allan Wille- December 17, 2015

The Most Important Formula in Klipfolio

There are four Functions in Klipfolio that you should understand, and master early on: SLICE,...

Zach Kathnelson- September 25, 2015

Can DevOps teams have a life in the age of cloud-based software?

Monitoring is a major challenge and 24/7/365 priority for DevOps. The question is: Can DevOps teams...

Ali Pourshahid- September 11, 2015

Beyond Vanity Metrics: Net Promoter Score (NPS) & Customer Referral Rate (CRR)

Net Promoter Score can be a powerful KPI for your business if it incites action.

Jonathan Taylor- September 25, 2015

Key metrics for agile development teams

The Klipfolio engineering team, like other areas of the business, uses the Klipfolio dashboard to...

Ali Pourshahid- July 17, 2015

Klipfolio extends flexibility with Vega integration

In this post, Klipfolio's own Senior Software Development Manager, Ali Pourshahid, helps power...

Ali Pourshahid- June 24, 2015