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The Ultimate Klipfolio Cheat Sheet

Use this Klipfolio cheat sheet whenever you build. It includes top functions and components used...

Mitch Dupuis- May 2, 2019

Mastering the funnel: Mapping your customer’s journey to revenue growth

Don’t rely on past performance when planning for future growth. Give yourself more control over the...

Allan Wille- April 12, 2019

From Undone to Done: The Essential Guide to Workflow Diagrams

Curious about what a workflow is and how you can use workflow diagrams? Learn the process...

Marisha Sesto- February 21, 2019

How to write a proposal

Writing proposals is the driving force behind winning deals. In this blog, we nail down the best...

Stef Reid- February 5, 2019

Why a learning culture is important – and why your organization needs one

At Klipfolio, we believe that continuous learning is like blood in the veins of an engineering...

Ali Pourshahid- January 18, 2019

How your online advertising and eCommerce site are driving sales

Our partner, StrategyBox examined 8,800 ecommerce sites on User Experience and Conversion to help...

Aaron Vidas- December 20, 2018

5 Hacks to Writing "Measure What Matters" OKRs

We have helped over 3,000 people build their OKRs and have developed five initial hacks that we use...

Brett Knowles- November 27, 2018

Objectives and key results: OKR is a performance management tool that works

The OKR system is a performance tool that sets, communicates, and monitors goals in an organization...

Ali Pourshahid- October 17, 2018

Best Web Analytics Tools List

Decide on the best low-cost and free web analytics software with this comprehensive guide!

Jonathan Milne- October 10, 2018

High-value vs. Undesirable Backlinks: 8 Tips that Lead to Big Business

Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to your site. They signify a vote of confidence...

Lisa Hughes-Nielsen- October 2, 2018

The KPIs of personal finance: How to measure your personal financial success

Tracking your personal financial success is an important means of reaching your financial goals....

Mark Brownlee- September 11, 2018

Real-time dashboards: Actionable data insight for CMOs

As a modern Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) you’re using all kinds of marketing technology and...

Elias Crum- September 6, 2018

Building Your Salesforce Dashboard - An Ultimate Guide

Wanting to master Salesforce reporting? Look no further...

Katya Zeisig- August 15, 2018

Klipfolio Partner How-To #2: Company Properties can simplify client set-up

It is a big benefit to maintain only one set of credentials in the parent that give access to the...

Stef Reid- July 31, 2018

The Ultimate Guide To Perfecting Your SaaS KPIs and Metrics

Like most data-driven minds, you’re on the lookout for more knowledge. Why? Because in the fast-...

Marisha Sesto- August 13, 2018

Klipfolio Partner How-To #1: Duplicating dashboards across client accounts

We all know maintaining strong partnerships is crucial to a business’ success. Forming and...

Stef Reid- July 5, 2018

How to build a Sales Team Leaderboard

Friendly competition and real-time monitoring? Yes please.

Marisha Sesto- June 19, 2018

Dashboard journalism: A beginner’s guide

Journalism is changing.

Reporters used to celebrate their numerical illiteracy.


Mark Brownlee- April 4, 2018

How to start tracking historical Twitter data using Klipfolio

Learn how Klipfolio can help you get historical data out of Twitter.

Mark Brownlee- April 3, 2018

How to use Marketo data to build a dashboard your team can monitor

I’ll show you how Marketo data doesn’t have to be hard to get and your results can be much more...

Phil Gamache- February 9, 2018