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Got 3 minutes? Get your Google Adwords data in an interactive dashboard.

AdWords KlipStart dashboard

In October we introduced KlipStarts and announced the Google Analytics KlipStart as our first.

At that time I wrote about how you could build a complete data dashboard for Google Analytics in the time it takes you to walk to the coffee machine and pour yourself a coffee. Well, now in that same 3 minutes you could build two dashboards

Introducing the Google Adwords KlipStart. In just a few minutes and with only your account credentials, it builds a dashboard, with your data that looks like this

klipfolio - adwords klipstart dashboard

How can you get one?

If you are a Klipfolio customer you simply go to the "Add Tab" menu and select it from the list.

If you aren’t a customer you can try it for free by starting a Klipfolio trial, and selecting Google Adwords KlipStart when prompted for what data source to start your trial with (see example below). You’ll need to give Klipfolio permission to access your Google Adwords data (don’t worry it will be secure and private just to you), so have your account and passwords at hand.

After adding a Google Adwords KlipStart you can also add the Google Analytics KlipStart by using the link at the bottom of the Google Adwords KlipStart or by following the same process I outlined for customers above to create a Google Analytics dashboard.

Your Google Adwords will be fully interactive and offers:

  • Ability to continuous track key Adwords metrics like: total Ad cost, conversion rates, ROI, click-through rate, cost-per-click, cost per conversion, highest performing ads, top performing Ads and more.
  • Instant data connectivity and regular dashboard updates from your Google Analytics Adwords account.
  • Many different time period options to view your metrics
  • Ability to see how key metrics are trending over time and comparisons of metrics either over the past period or over the past year same period.
  • Ability to set targets

Be sure to also check out our new Klip Gallery .

Tell me what you think of the experience and the dashboard.


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