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Klipfolio's report building was designed for busy people. Klipfolio makes it easy to connect all your favourite web apps, so you can pull all your data sources into one place.

How many apps, spreadsheets and databases do you use every day, week or month?

Like most of us, your data is across so many different areas and getting a clear picture is hard!

This is where Klipfolio can help. The list below are just a few examples of the most common data mashups between popular Apps that our customers have created to gain more insights into their data to drive better data-driven insights.

Hundreds of your Apps working together

Didn't see your favourite apps above? No Problem! With Klipfolio you can create mashups with as many different data sources you need, including Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Google Sheets, HubSpot CRM, Facebook Ads and much more. What does this mean for you? No more manual reports or Google Sheets with multiple versions trying to merge the data from all your apps.

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"Klipfolio has allowed us to gain valuable insights into our business. By dashboarding our most important KPIs, we’re able to remain focused and make day-to-day decisions with the big picture in mind."

Sven Walther, Director of Operations, Soshal

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